How to Troubleshoot Your Refrigerator Repair Needs

Is your refrigerator not running properly or at all? There is a wide variety of things that may be wrong with it. Here we will help you troubleshoot the problem, so you can figure out your refrigerator repair needs. Some of the symptoms of your refrigerator’s problem may include:

  • Leaking
  • Noisy
  • Not turning on
  • Fridge too warm
  • Fridge too cold
  • Light not working
  • Door sweating
  • Fridge runs too long


If your refrigerator is leaking water, the problem is likely a gasket, though it could also be the water inlet valve or the ice maker.


If your refrigerator is noisy, there is likely a problem with the fan. There are two types of fans that could be involved, the condenser fan and the evaporator fan. Either of these fan motors may need maintenance or to be replaced.

Not Turning On

A fridge that won’t turn on could be because of the electronic control board, the relay capacitor, or the temperature control. All can be repaired and bring your refrigerator back to life.

Fridge Too Warm

A fridge that doesn’t keep your food cold is bad for your food and your budget. This can be caused by the air damper, diffuser, or baffle. One or all may need to be replaced to keep your fridge cold.

Fridge Too Cold

A fridge that is too cold can be just as harmful to food as one that is too warm. There are a variety of things that can go wrong and cause this issue. They include the thermostat, control board, or air inlet damper.

Light Not Working

The light not working could be caused by two problems. Either it needs a new bulb, which you can find and replace from your local hardware store, or the socket may need replacing.

Door Sweating

Your refrigerator door may be sweating or leaking because of a faulty seal. Take time to inspect the seal all the way around the fridge door, looking for cracks, separations, or worn areas.

Fridge Runs Too Long

If you notice your fridge turns on and doesn’t turn off after it has cooled down to the proper temperature, there may be a problem with the defrost heater or defrost timer. Either or both can be replaced to fix the problem.

No matter what the problem with your refrigerator may be, we can help you troubleshoot to find the right refrigerator repair. When your refrigerator is running properly, it will keep your food safe and delicious. Use these tips and tricks to troubleshoot your refrigerator repair before you spend the money on a costly diagnosis and repair bill. Always get advice from a professional before starting any big repair job on your own.

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