How To Style A Kitchen

spiced-up-kitchen-counterNo matter what your cooking skills are like, nor how often you enter this „room” of your home, it’s a sure thing: whatever the style of your home is, your kitchen should follow suit.

Styling up your kitchen doesn’t mean you have to remodel it or spend a ton of money to buy new curtains (speaking of which, take a look at our tips for choosing curtains for the kitchen). You can bring a sense of style to your kitchen just by following some tips, and putting in practice some tricks to make your kitchen feel like an important part of your home.

A first step would be to decide on a theme of your kitchen and buy the items that are related to this theme. For instance some people like fruits, some like strawberries, cows are really fun too, but there are so many other themes that you can pick from.

Many kitchens feature „cold” materials (granite, stainless steel) and your kitchen will feel softer with items that are colorful and nice to look at. Place a china bowl with some garlic bulbs in it and your kitchen will give another vibe instantly.

Any kitchen should combine both practical and nice looking items. Therefore, next to the coffee maker you can always expose a selection of cute mugs, a matching sugar bowl and a matching creamer. Always think of how an item will look on your counter, before buying it.

The kitchen items market takes great consideration about looks and function. Ergonomic cooking utensils should be pleasing to look at and easy to use at the same time.

Leaving an area simply for displaying nice items is important when styling up your kitchen (just like any other room of your house, as a matter of fact). You can always mount a shelf for your favorite mugs, a picture of your family and friends and, if you have niches in the wall, a beautiful tall vase will make an eye impression, for sure.

Don’t displace any of your artwork near the greasy areas in the kitchen and by the stove, no matter what. Your children’s artwork can be framed or hanged on a row, decorating your kitchen nicely.

The area above the cabinets has a great visual impact. Choose wicker baskets for storing less-used items or go for ceramic pottery bowls, if that suits you better. Avoid the small items if you don’t want a „bitty” look in your kitchen.

If all of the above seems to be rather difficult to apply, here are some quick adjustments. Pick a happy color that goes with the permanent elements in your kitchen and buy all the kitchen accessories in that color. Oven mitts, tea towels, plastic cooking utensils, place mats- you can find them in many colors in the kitchen stores.

You can always bring style to your kitchen by placing one colorful piece that makes a statement. A red toaster livens up your kitchen in a second. Buy the kitchen items in odd numbers (1,3,5,7…) as it seems to be far more pleasant to the eye.

You can also play with the height of the items displayed in your kitchen to make a better impression when it comes to style.

Don’t forget to choose a nice looking backsplash for your kitchen. Whether you go for a glass one, or for a mirror (especially if your kitchen is small) or for something colorful, keep in mind to pick a nice one.

Don’t go cheap when it comes to lighting items in your kitchen. Use under cabinet lights, pendant lighting over the islands, task lighting near the chef’s desk and a nice fixture light over the table. Installing dimmers for these lights helps you create a dramatic feel, available to use when you want 😉

Giving style to your kitchen also mean not to do some things. Don’t leave rarely used items on your counter tops, don’t display decorative items not related to the theme of your kitchen, don’t line up the items in a row. Don’t leave your countertop empty- it seems without personality but don’t crowd it either with unnecessary items. Don’t let the artwork in the kitchen go greasy and dusty; clean it all the time.

So, a few steps to follow, some steps not to walk on and… you’re done styling up your kitchen 🙂

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