How to Start a Career as a Plumber

Depending on your age, you might remember when the trade professions were often overlooked. And when you were in high school, you may have been encouraged to go to university, get a degree, and work for a company in an office. The idea of being a plumber, electrician, carpenter, or technician, just wasn’t in the books.

As most things go in the way of supply and demand, there are now a number of people droning away at offices wondering when the next layoffs are coming. Meanwhile, the few skilled tradesmen left are in high-demand and earning a decent amount of money (about 50k to 70k a year) because of their unique knowledge and skill-set.

With a shortage of workers in the skilled trades becoming an issue across North America, high school students are increasingly being encouraged to take interest in the trades, and more college and university programs related to the trades are being created to help them achieve their goals.

With the right education you or someone you know could be on their way to landing in a career as a plumber. Click here to get more info about plumbing companies that hire on their plumbers as full-time employees.

Where to Start

Many high schools are beginning to create partnerships with local colleges and universities that will allow students to begin early training in the trades. For instance, some places offer government-sponsored programs that allow students to become registered youth apprentices. Programs are usually offered as partnerships between school districts and post-secondary institutions with in-class components and onsite training at either location. Successful completion of these programs earns them credit for both high school as well as the partnered post-secondary school.

College Options

Depending on the location you live in, there may be differences in the ways you go about getting certified as a plumber. In one example of a North American college program, plumbing programs are generally offered in two ways.

The first program stream is a one year certificate program that acts as an introductory overview of the plumbing field for students who have no prior plumbing experience. Courses in these overview programs include information on plumbing tools and piping methods, trade documentation, welding skills, and safety techniques.

The second program stream is for those who are already apprentices. These apprenticeship programs also require that students be registered as plumbers, and some may even require that students have a minimum of one year’s experience in the trade. These programs can run for two or three semesters and students learn much of the same from the over program except that they will also simultaneously be working in the field.

Never Too Late

No matter your age or experience it’s never too late to re-enter the education system and pick up a new skill. There are a number of colleges across North America that offer continuing-education programs, so don’t hesitate to get out there and learn a new trade.

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