How To Rebuild Your Kitchen After Water Damage 

preparing sealant to protect from moisture
Water damage and kitchens don’t go well together, and according to statistics, water damage is quite a regular occurrence. Around  14,000 Americans face water damage every day. For a homeowner, this could be a costly exercise, even if the insurance covers the replacement. However, it doesn’t have to be a gloomy experience, and instead, you’re looking at an  opportunity to add some pizzazz to the heart of your home. It also means you have to opportunity to bounce back and water damage proof your kitchen.

Take It Down To The Bare Bones 

With water damage, it’s hard to know the extent of the damage if you’re just going to do a surface job. The last thing you want is cabinets that swell because they’re waterlogged weeks or months after you’ve done the repairs. Water is also  known to seep under flooring and get into those sneaky little nooks and crannies where it can lead to dangerous mold. Stripping down the kitchen to bare bones means that you’re guaranteed that not a single spot is missed during repairs and remodeling. Stripping the kitchen also means that you have a clean palate for a fresh new look.

Decide On Your Future Kitchen 

If your kitchen is prone to water damage such as flooding in the area, it’s important to design your kitchen with that in mind. Think kitchen  designs that look great without kick plates at the bottom of your cabinets, or those that can easily be swapped out for new ones in the case of a deluge. According to a  Portland water damage restoration company, damage repairs may also include drilling holes in the floor for the liquid to drain properly. If this happens regularly, you may want to consider floor drains and hardy flooring that can take all that extra water. It should also be easily accessible for cleaning in order to keep the kitchen hygienic.

Now Is The Chance To Change Your Layout 

If the water damage is extensive, chances are good that cabinetry, walling and electric wiring will need to be replaced. This means that you might be able to change an awkward and cramped layout into an open-plan option, or close up areas that seem large and drafty. Design your kitchen according to your lifestyle. For instance, if you like hosting get-togethers, opt for a separate scullery to hide the mountain of dishes. You have to opportunity to discover your kitchen’s best configuration, and  whether the golden triangle would work in your chosen layout. It also means that you get to change out old and rusty appliances for modern and efficient appliances that could make a dent in your utilities. Don’t forget all the fittings and finishes such as dazzling faucets, striking lighting, and kitchen hardware that will make your kitchen worthy of a glossy magazine cover.
Water damage can be a frustrating affair. However, with a keen eye for practical design, this could be a great time to build your dream kitchen. With a few smart choices, you also may also prevent future water leaks from causing permanent damage.

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