How to Plan a Kitchen Remodel

How to Plan a Kitchen Remodel

Remodeling a kitchen is a great way to add value to a property. It can be an expensive project and if the kitchen is modern and well-designed, buyers are more likely to make an offer. A nice new kitchen is also a more comfortable place to spend time, especially if you love cooking and entertaining. But before you start getting too excited, you need to plan and prepare, since this type of remodel can be disruptive and messy.


Have a budget for the kitchen remodel and stick to it. It’s easy to be sucked in by gorgeous images on Pinterest and home design websites. The problem is you have no way of knowing what the original budget was. Chances are, it was a lot more than you can afford.

Work out how much you can spend on the cabinets and appliances. Factor in the cost of installation, and then see how much money you have left over for additional items, such as the floor, window treatments, décor, etc.

It may be more cost-effective to use a contractor like Honey-Doers home remodeling, as they will give you an all-in price. This makes it easier to budget.


Plan your design carefully, so you end up with the kitchen of your dreams – one that is perfectly configured for maximum productivity and ease of use.

Kitchen retail stores usually offer design appointments. They use the dimensions and measurements of the existing kitchen to create a virtual design. It’s a useful way to play around with different configurations, so you can see what works.

If your current kitchen design leaves a lot to be desired, spend plenty of time planning the new layout.

Additional Work

Depending on how old the current installation is, it may be wise to plan for additional work, such as upgrading the electrical installation or plumbing in new appliances. You may even want to add new features, such as a sliding door into the garden, or an extension.

The more extra work is needed, the longer the project will take, and the more disruptive it will be.

Clear the Kitchen

A few days before the contractors arrive, start clearing everything out of the kitchen. Buy or borrow cardboard boxes or plastic crates. Pack up items you don’t use often and place them in a different room.

Important items such as the kettle, mugs, cutlery, plates, etc. should be put where you can easily access them.

Set Up a Temporary Kitchen

Most kitchen installations take at least one week, but depending on the scope of works, yours could take 2-3 weeks or more. While eating out or ordering in takeout is great for a few nights, after a while, you will crave a home-cooked meal.

Set up a temporary kitchen in a suitable room or area, with a table for preparing food, a camping stove, or microwave. It won’t be ideal, but it does give you options!

While a kitchen remodel is hard work and often expensive, the reward justifies the pain!

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