How to Pigeon-proof Your Home or Business

How to Pigeon-proof Your Home or Business

Are you tired of pigeons and the mess they spread all around your house or office? Pigeon droppings stick to the ground, balconies, steel railings and other parts of the business. Not only do they look unsightly, but they can eventually corrode surfaces and materials. Removing this excrement can be a hassle and a full time job. Pigeons infesting an area can bring a lot of disadvantages and even health issues – their droppings may spread the Salmonella virus, and they can clog drains and make your whole building dirty.

So what’s the solution? Let’s explore some of the most effective as well as easiest methods to get rid of pigeons in your office, workplace, or home.

Address the Root Cause

This is the most basic thing to do – after all, prevention is always better than cure. Your first step should be to examine and analyse the factors that attract and tempt pigeons to land on your property. This could be anything from still water or food that is left lying around, to spaces and holes where they can build their nests.

Any holes or recesses that can attract pigeons should be closed off, and any food that is attractive to pigeons eat should not be left lying around. Once you identify and remove all the possible factors that might attract pigeons to your home or business, you’ll probably find very if any pigeons in and around your building. Instead, they will be seeking out better pastures elsewhere.

Get Professional Help

This is the most effective way to get rid of pigeons. There are professional pigeon proofing services that can help you to eliminate these kinds of factors and keep pigeons at bay. They can supply preventive measures to ensure that pigeons are deterred from visiting, or help to get rid of the pigeons that are already there. They can also provide a professional cleaning service to get rid of pigeon droppings and mess in the area to ensure a clean and hygienic environment.

A professional service will take away all the stress of getting rid of pigeons and the mess they spread. Such services use both proactive pigeon deterrent and reactive pigeon removal services. The best providers can offer custom pigeon proofing services that will protect your team and working environment or your home from pests and infection.  This is a great strategy to employ whether you are already experiencing issues or want to prevent them from occurring in the first place.

Use Pigeon Repellents

Another way to keep pigeons away is to use repellants. There are a variety of pigeon repellents available these days, allowing you to choose between the natural or chemical repellent as per your choice. These can prove useful to compel pigeons and other pests to stay away from your property. Visual repellents are also available in the market like bird diverters or strings, but these don’t generally represent a permanent solution. There are also gels and sprays that may help to deter pigeons from your site.

Use Live Traps

Using traps is yet another method you can use to stop pigeons from getting everywhere in your building. This method is a bit complex and quite time-consuming, as you have to place traps in every location where pigeons are most likely to land or settle. You can also use food or water to attract them into your traps to increase the chances of success.

Once you have captured pigeons in your traps, you need to be careful to follow local guidelines for their removal. This can be complex and time consuming, so it is perhaps better to leave this matters to the professionals.

Other Deterrents

There are some other advanced technologies you can use to prevent pigeons and pests. These include sonic and ultrasonic emitters, propane cannons, effigies, reflected and direct light sources, and trained raptors. There are various deterrents that fall within a range of costs, with some being fairly expensive. However, some can be highly effective in keeping the pigeons away from your home or business. Since some are sophisticated devices, you may need expert guidance when it comes to installing and use them.

Key Takeaways

Pigeons have been living around humans for thousands of years, which can make it extremely hard to deal with and get rid of them. Do your research and choose the pigeon proofing method that suits you best. Sometimes, using just one method may not be sufficient to eliminate your pigeon problem. You may have to employ multiple techniques to completely pigeon-proof your premises.

It is also helpful if you stick to an organised and systematic approach to keep pigeons under control. You can try whatever method best fits your situation. And if nothing works, call the experts. They have all the sophisticated tools and equipment and will be able to handle the situation like child’s play, meaning no more headaches of pigeon droppings, blocked gutters, and messy balconies.

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