How To Match Curtains With Your Wall 

How To Match Curtains With Your Wall

There are some impeccable advantages to having curtains at home. They have become an inseparable part of our lives and we cannot imagine a single home without these beautiful and appealing curtains. There is a wide range of curtains available in the market with different sizes, shapes, patterns, colours and types. All you need to do is to choose the right one that fits in your preferences and budget and you are ready to go. However, when it comes to choosing curtains, we always emphasise on choosing curtains which match with our home interior. Curtains are available in almost all the colours and you can choose as per your home interior colours, especially the colour of your walls. Now choosing the right curtains is not a difficult one.

Even interior designers take a special precaution while choosing the right colour of curtains that matches perfectly with the walls. Well, there are some reasons for that. It gives a beautiful and appealing view to the home and also, it creates a mesmerising effect in the eyes of visitors. It also sets the mood and makes the overall ambience perfect and convenient.

How to choose curtains?

Curtains come to your mind at the end of your home interior design project and you must have some ideas about which types of curtains you want to install in your home. Some homeowners prefer matching curtains with that of walls and interior and some prefer to set a contrast against it. However, if you want to make a somewhat bold statement, you can go for contrast matching where the colours of your modern curtains contrast with the colour of your room’s walls. However, most interior designers don’t prefer it as it might give an unpolished and incomplete view of the home.

However, when you choose curtains that match with your walls and other interiors, it gives a tidy, neat and polished finish and will give an astonishing view of the home. You can also pick the colour that is one shade lighter or darker than your walls and it will also create a magnificent effect and subtle look.

For bedrooms and living rooms where you are looking for a calm, tranquil and serene environment, you always should go for the matching colours as it will set the tone of the room right and give a superior effect and view. However, if you want to create something bolder and brighter, you can go for contrast matching in kitchens or dens. You can purchase curtains online Australia from a reputed brand after researching a bit and after finalising all the details and specifications.

Colours choices

When it comes to choosing the right colours for your curtains, it is a tricky and complex task. You need to ensure first about your preferences here as it might change the way you look at the colours of the ready-made curtains. For example, if you decide to match the colours of your curtains with your walls rather than furnishings, it might create a complementary effect on the living room or bedroom and would look charming and appealing. Visitors will not be able to draw attention away from other objects in the room and your wall colour will surely jump off and define the room more elegantly and beautifully. A shade up or down will be the best choice to match the colours of your curtains with that of walls. Even if the colours are matching, the visual would be continuous and dynamic, rather than static and dull.

Choosing the curtain length

Another significant aspect of choosing the curtains is the length of the curtains you are buying. Remember, the length can also make a crucial difference, especially if you want to make a feature out of your window. For example, if you have a large and tall window, the best thing you can do is to select full-length ready to hang curtains in a contrasting colour that will catch the visitor’s attention in microseconds.

Also, when you have multiple small windows in the room and you don’t want the room to look too cluttered, the best way is to choose full-length curtains that match the wall colour. It will give a nice and tidy finish and unify the room beautifully.

Play with patterns

There is a large number of colour patterns available in curtains and you can choose any of them to make the room more lively, vibrant and dynamically interesting. You can use different patterns to give a unique and appealing view of the room. For example, for neutral rooms, you can use curtains with a burnout pattern to create visual texture. If your room is full of patterns and colours, don’t use a solid colour that might mitigate the energy of the patterns. You can do as many experiments as you can choose the right colour pattern that gives an energetic, live and interesting look to the room. You can also visit a curtain shop and choose the pattern of your choice.

Consider the lighting effect on the fabric

One of the most common mistakes that homeowners make is they forget to consider the lighting effect on the fabric. In the presence of certain lights, the fabric looks dull and makes the whole room drained rather than enhancing the visual richness. Choose whether the curtain colours you have selected complements the existing lighting option or not. If ignored, it might kill the entire view of the room and make it more dull, dark and unappealing.


There is a wide array of curtains available in the market to choose from. Each shade has its own uniqueness and distinctive ability to transform your room. Take the professional help if you have no idea about home decoration and curtains selections. Ensure that you have a home that looks appealing, visually striking and magnificently mesmerising.

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