How To Make The Change Of Address Process Much Smoother

Apart from paying attention to moving your things, availing the services of professional movers or getting packing boxes, you should also make sure that you are notifying your contacts, banks, post office and relatives about your new location. It is important to perform the change of address at the earliest to avoid facing serious hassles, such as missing bills or lapse in services or utilities.

Why Is It Important To Change Address?

People often tend to ignore a change of address after they move from one location to other, which prevents them from receiving important mails sent by banks or their loved ones. To prevent such issues, you should update your mailing address to ensure that your letters, packages and bills reach you at your new address. Having a checklist for the change of new address will help you stay organized without any issues.

  1. Approach Address Change Services

If you are not clear about the procedure or process involved in changing address online, then you can get the required forms, guides and information essential for making a move very successful. My Moving Resources will guide you through the three options offered by the USPS or United States Postal Service to change your new address online.

Top Three Options For Change Of Address

To get your mails, packages and other letters delivered to your latest address for 12 months, you can fill in an online application. You can choose the premium forwarding service that lets you get the forwarded mails for a limited period temporarily.

If you are living in a specific location and if your family members are staying in another location, then you can take up the membership of this premium forwarding service to get the mails delivered to the respective persons without any hassles. If you have not acquired a permanent address in the new location that you moved in, choosing the delivery service option will be helpful to receive the emails from the post office in a direct way.

How To Change Address Online?

You can change address online easily by filling up an online application form by USPS to update your current address as permanent. This application form must be completed within ten days from the date of moving to a new location. The area of information in the form will specify you to clarify whether you have moved temporarily or permanently. The form will ask you to fill in basic details like public references, street name, and closest landmark to forward all your emails as well as packages to the exact location of your residence. After completing the application form, you will be asked to pay a non-refundable fee of $1 using your debit or credit card. This fee is collected for verification activities and to protect your personal information against frauds. The USPS will cross-check the information you offer to ensure that the details offered by you are genuine and to prevent information theft.

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