How Do You Maintain a Cigar Humidor?

How to Maintain a Cigar Humidor

So you have purchased your humidor. You painstakingly adhered to the valuable instructions. And now, you are filling it with your beloved cigars. Possibly, you have even been given a couple of cigars as gifts because your loved ones know how you love them.

Now that your humidor is set up and ready to furnish you with your cherished cigar immediately, you must maintain it regularly. Yes, monthly maintenance is essential. This also keeps your cigars at ideal freshness.

5 Tips for Maintaining a Cigar Humidor

Maintaining your cigar humidor will always keep your cigar fresh. Check out how to keep a great Humidor for cigar in a perfect shape below:

Keep your humidor in a cool dark spot

The inner temperature of a humidor ought to be seventy degrees Fahrenheit. The external state of the climate wherein your humidor is kept influences the internal temperature and humidity. Make sure you don’t expose your humidor to the sun, as this can change the temperature and humidity throughout the day. Moreover, the outside humidity will influence the moistness of the humidor – if you live in a muggy climate, track down the driest conceivable spot to keep your humidor.

Season your humidor before first use

Oven-dried Spanish cedar retains dampness and delivers dampness gradually. This works incredibly well for keeping up with humidity. Notwithstanding, when the humidor is first used, the cedar tends to be dry. Assuming cigars are set in a dry humidor, the cedar will attempt to retain dampness from them. Preparing your humidor is significant to keep this from occurring, and begins the process of establishing the ideal muggy climate for the cigars to rest in.

The type of humidifier

Propylene glycol and distilled water are two of the most widely recognized humidifiers specialized for humidors. Both accompany their upsides and downsides, according to how often you open the humidor.

If you open your humidor consistently, experts suggest utilizing refined water, as it won’t be difficult to supplant and top off the inside of a humidifier, and it will only need low maintenance. But if you don’t use and open the humidor all the time, propylene glycol will be a better option for you.

You may rotate the cigars

Set aside time every month to pivot and turn every cigar in your reserve. Stogies on the base ought to be moved to the top as well as the other way around. By rotating your cigars, it guarantees that every stogie is equally presented to the mugginess inside the humidor. Keep in mind, your cigars come from a heat and humidity environment, and a humidor was designed to make them comfortable before smoking them.

A half-filled humidor is key

On the off chance that you need to buy more stories, it’s also important that you keep your humidor to at least half-full. This will permit the humidity levels to be easily managed. This implies that your shot at having excessively humidified or under-humidified stogies is well decreased. Probably, the hardest part about learning the intricate details of a desktop humidor is getting the levels of the humidity stabilized or settled. When you arrive at that perfect balance, then you can remain there.


Regularly maintaining your cigar humidor is key to having your cigars comfortable and ready for smoking whenever it pleases you. The tips above are enough for perfect maintenance.

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