How to keep your House Clean and Healthy?

Keeping your house and surroundings clean and healthy is one of the most important thing. Having a clean house and area around you will not only give you fresh air to live but also saves you from various diseases that caused due to bad environmental conditions.

If you have pets at home, you should take special care of your house. And the situation gets terrifying if you have kids. The hair swirling around the corner of your house or stairs or under the table/bed can cause problems for yourself as well as for your kids.

To save yourself from potential threads of falling ill, you must clean your house regularly so that you and the kids at home can live a healthy life. In this post, I’ll talk about some important points that can help you keep the home clean.

Clean your house on Daily basis

Clean House Daily

Don’t be lazy and clean your house on daily basis. Over the whole day, you and your kids perform a lot of activities such as eating, going out and getting back home that brings dust in your room. Your dog walks in/out and its hair all around the floor are to be cleaned regularly.

Fix a time for routine cleaning of your house every day. It is better if you clean your house in the morning so that you can have a clean and healthy environment for rest of the day. Next day again, you can clean your house.

Have a Vacuum for pet hair

If you have dog or cat at home, you’ll notice their hair is swirling around the corner or roaming around the whole room. The cough is full of pet hair as they snuggles with you on the couch.

If becomes even embarrassing if you have the guest coming in and they notice your house if full of dog/cat hair. Infact, some of the people are allergic to pet hair. In that case, they may face problem in staying at your home. You can avoid such embarrassing situation by having a vacuum cleaner designed to clean the pet hair. Not all the vacuum cleaners are as effective as those which are made to clean pet hair. Hence, before you make the purchase, make sure you read reviews about it.

The company shark makes some really good vacuum cleaners for pet hair.

Use Garage Disposals for managing the food leftover

Some people are very lazy and don’t effectively disposes off the leftover after lunch/dinner. It affects air inside your house and may cause serious health problems. For those lazy people, there is a equipment called Garbage Disposals.

Once you have the garbage disposals installed in your kitchen, it will help you dispose of the leftover or the waste food directly from your kitchen.

The garbage disposal grinds the waste food in small pieces and hence helps with managing the waste food.

The installation of garbage disposal is pretty simple. The manual that comes with the equipment and with the help of youtube video, you can install it in your kitchen your own. If you are lazy to do it your own, call a plumber to do this job for you.

Empty your Dustbin on Daily basis

This is one of the most important task that you should do daily in the morning. During the whole day, your dustbin is filled with waste stuff/food leftover and you must dispose the garbage to an appropriate place.

If you don’t empty your dust-bin on daily basis, it starts to smell and pollute the air inside your home. It may cause serious breathing problem. Make a routine to daily empty your dustbin.

Have a Carpet Cleaner


The carpets are the most favorite place for the germs to live, therefore you must have a carpet cleaner to clean them regularly. The kids play on the carpet and if they aren’t clean, it will affect your kids health. There are plenty of good carpet cleaners that can be purchased for a few bucks.

This is not a choice; it’s a must have tool if you have many carpets in your house.

Use Air Purifier

If you live in an area where the air quality is not good for living, make sure you purchase an air purifier for your home. The kids are severely affected by bad air quality which is not good for their health.

Purchase a suitable air purifier according to the area it has to cover and budget you have for it. A good air purifier would not only give you fresh air to breath but all the guests coming to your house would appreciate for giving them clean air.

Clean your Sink and Faucets

You take bath daily and hence your bathroom should be cleaned on daily basis too. It doesn’t look nice to have a hair all around the bathroom floor and the sink. It will surely embarrass you if you have the guests staying with you and using your bathroom.

Also if you don’t’ clean your bathroom, after few days, they start to clog the drainage system that becomes even a bigger problem. Clean your sink and whole bathroom on daily.

Clean house is important if you have a Toddler

If you have a toddler at home who roams around the house, it becomes utmost important that you keep the floor of the room, kitchen, stairs clean. The kids have a sensitive immune system and cannot stand the dirty environmental conditions. They are highly prone to the disease caused due to the germs.

Wrapping up

It keeps everyone healthy if the house and surrounding are clean. Everyone must clean their house every day and dispose the waste to appropriate place not just throw it anywhere.

Buying tools like Vacuum cleaner, Carpet cleaners, Garbage disposal, Anti-allergens, Air purifier will help with keeping your house clean and free from the germs that may cause serious health issue not just for the toddler at your home but for your health as well.


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