How to Install Amtico Flooring – A Step by Step Guide

How to Install Amtico Flooring

The installation of Amtico Wooden Flooring is not difficult. The process is quite similar to that of any other quality tile flooring. To install the flooring effectively pre-preparation plays an important role. To lay an efficient and strong flooring, the base flooring should be done properly. You must get the condition of the floor checked by an engineer or the professional and use the subfloor material accordingly. The subfloor can be made of a material that includes concrete, stone, timber and all other materials that make a strong and suitable base.

The blog guides you with all the steps necessary to install amtico flooring.

Step by Step Guide for adequate Flooring:

Consider the following tips for proper flooring.

Step 1: Effective installation of the subfloor. The base must be strong, rigid, smooth, clean, dry and fit for use from all the aspects.

Step 2: Make sure the base floor is should be levelled with a levelling compound in order to omit any kind of irregularities on the surface.

Step 3: Any excessive moisture in the subfloor must be removed. It should be within the range of 75% of relative humidity.

Step 4: If you choose to go for concrete or stone subfloors, make sure you support it with an effective damp proof membrane.

Step 5: Once the subfloor is completely suitable, start laying Amtico. Make sure you stick to the guidelines while installing the flooring.

  • If you lay the floor on new concrete, give a sufficient rest time and leave it undisturbed as it will have increased percentage of residual moisture. Use of levelling compound is a must.
  • When you lay down the floor on the dry concrete check if all the foreign matters like wax, paint, dust, grease are removed. Levelling compound should be used in this case too.
  • If the flooring is laid over old resilient floors, the existing tiles must be removed properly and any additional residues must be removed by scraping. To remove the old adhesives do not use any solvents. Levelling compound is necessary in this case too.
  • If you instal the floor on the stone it is important to remove the damaged areas and repair the worn. Before installing use of levelling compound is highly essential.
  • Laying amtico floor on timber it is essential to lay down the floor minimum 6mm exterior to woods. After the completion of flooring, use of finishing compound is necessary to make sure no joints are visible.

Step 6: It is important to make use of recommended Amtico Flooring Adhesives to stick together the planks and tiles.

Step 7: Read the instructions for usage of adhesives as mentioned on the packaging. You should neither use less or more to have a strong and durable installation.

Step 8: Spread the adhesives with the help of the towel so that it is evenly spread. Even spreading is highly essential to have effective laying of flooring and it stands tough in all conditions that are in varied temperatures and humidities.

Step 9: Move the roller of the approximate weight of 45 kgs. It should be done immediately after laying down of flooring and soon before the adhesive sets. It should be done within an hour or two of laying down depending on the response rate of adhesives.

Step 10: Remove the excessive adhesive with the help of Amtico Adhesive remover, else it will leave the marks on the tiles.

Final Words:

Make sure you do not use Amtico for external flooring, as it is suitable for the internal purpose only. Leave the flooring undisturbed for a minimum of 48 hours to allow it to set properly.

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