How to Improve Restaurant Efficiency?

Running a restaurant is hard work, there’s a fine balance between creating a profit and giving the very best service and food in town. Getting it right means minimizing waste, boosting staff morale, and making sure the customer experience is first-rate.

The only way you’re going to achieve this is to look at and improve your efficiency.  Fortunately, this is easier to do than you think!


You need a clear schedule that you and all staff can read at a glance. This isn’t just about who is working and when it’s about knowing all the tiny jobs that need to done and allowing the time and resources they need.

Fitting everything in can be difficult, that’s why you need a clear schedule to organize you and your team.

The Right Equipment

The right equipment makes it much easier for your staff to do their jobs, prepare food properly, serve it, and even avoid cross-contamination. You need to talk to your staff and evaluate your restaurant to ensure that they have the most appropriate equipment to get the job done.

This includes things like soak tanks to speed up the washing process while reducing the manpower spent doing the task.


Staff that are motivated will provide higher-quality food and be more efficient. The best way to boost motivation and morale is to connect with your staff. That means taking an interest in what they are doing, reward when they done something especially well, and even organizing team events.

Look At Human Error

One of the most expensive issues that restaurants face is miscommunication. The old method of writing an order down and passing it to the kitchen can lead to errors due to people being unable to read other people’s handwriting, especially when they’re in a rush.

Equally, you can avoid over or undercharging customers by having an electronic POS. Tie both systems together and the order process is automated, reducing issues in the kitchen, and the paying process is greatly simplified and error-free.

This can also add extra benefits like reducing the time you spend cashing up at the end of the day or linking to your accounts software to prepare your accounts more quickly.

 Management Structure

Don’t forget that your role is to manage the business. That means making sure everyone is happy, customers and staff. More importantly, it means driving the business forward.

By establishing a good management team you’ll be free to focus on the direction you want to take your restaurant and use your time more efficiently.

Upgrade Skills

You may have a fantastic team but there is always something new that they can learn to improve their skills and your reputation. Foci=us on improving the skills of all your team. Not only will you improve the efficiency of your restaurant, you’ll also find that staff are more loyal. That mean’s you’re going to spend less time hiring and more time building your business.

Check Your Layout

Your staff need to be able to move effortlessly around the kitchen and the restaurant floor. Think carefully about your current layout and how it can be improved to improve your efficiency.

The bottom line s that being vigilant means you’ll see opportunities to improve efficiency, all you have to do is take the opportunities!


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