How to Have a Clean House and Keep it That Way: The Best Kept Secrets


There are certain things you should do if you would like to have a clean house. You can click here to check out some of our best tips.

Over 41% of adults in the United States believe three or more children make the ideal family unit.

It’s no secret that having children makes keeping a clean house a Mission Impossible scenario. Children love toys and messes. They’re almost like tiny chaos beings who spread clutter where ever they might roam.

You don’t have to love cleaning to achieve a decluttered house. There are several steps and approaches you can try to achieve your dream home of sparkling cleanliness.

Let’s explore the top tips on how to keep a tidy home.

How to Keep a Clean House

How clean is your house? Does this question strike fear to the very core of your being? It doesn’t have to.

Keeping a clean home is about routine and organization. If you can develop a consistent schedule that you stick to every day, you’ll be fast on your way to a tidy abode.

Are you someone who thinks to themselves, “I can’t keep my house clean. What’s wrong with me?” Nothing is wrong with you! Messy homes happen to all of us.

Life gets hectic, and we all fall behind on chores. If you have an entire family you clean up after, it’s all too easy to fall behind on laundry in a few short days. It doesn’t take long for a mountain of dirty clothes to form when there’s you, your spouse, children, or maybe relatives.

Follow these tips to learn how to clean out your house like a pro.

Make the Bed

It’s a task many of us don’t do. About 37% of Americans make their bed each and every day. Yet there’s research that shows making your bed helps you feel more positive about your life overall and energizes you to be proactive.

Making your bed takes all of two minutes and has the amazing effect of making your bedroom look cleaner fast. Teach your children to make their beds as well in the morning. That’ll be that many fewer beds you’ll have to make yourself, and also their own rooms will look tidier and cleaner.

Also, making the bed each day will give you a chance to check for pests. Bed bugs are making a comeback, and they’re not something you want to let spread throughout the home. Catching them early will save you time and trouble. Try a heat treatment if you have bed bugs.

No Toys Outside of the Bedroom

Your kids might whine and cry and argue with you at first over this rule. Tough through it. You’d be amazing at how fast them not bringing toys out of their room will help you keep the entire house tidier.

If you have a baby, then this rule isn’t for you. Enjoy your time with the baby and dote on them out in the living room.

If your kids are older, though? They know that the entire house isn’t their toy box. Instating a rule of no toys out of the bedroom will also help teach your children how to keep their own room organized. They’ll have less space to work with and will start to keep their floor space picked up for playroom.

Clean-Up Routine

You’d be amazed at how much a set schedule can help you prioritize your cleaning duties.

Sit down and write out a schedule for the entire week or month. This will give you an idea of how often you need to do certain tasks. Other cleaning activities, like mopping, might get scheduled once a week on a certain day and time.

Once you have a cleaning schedule made out, it’ll allow you to be more efficient with your time. You won’t start one cleaning task and then abandon it halfway through because you get distracted with something else to clean.

Dishes Every Morning

Dishes can pile up on you fast. They’re about as bad as laundry. You can have your entire kitchen cleaned, then an hour later come back, and there’ll be dirty plates and glasses scattered across from the countertop from family members snacking.

If you do the dishes after every meal, then also first thing every morning to account for dirty dishes made later at night from desserts or snack-attacks, your kitchen will thank you.

A clean kitchen does wonders for making your home look tidy and beautiful. The other reason you don’t want to let dirty dishes sit too long is they tend to attract pests. So keep those dishes clean, or risk getting swarmed by roaches or gnats.

Load of Laundry Each Day

Remember how we mentioned laundry piles up on you fast? Stop waiting for the weekend to tackle the mountain that built up throughout the week. You deserve to rest and enjoy your weekend, not spend it doing laundry the whole time.

Pop a single load of laundry into the washer every day. Then in the evening, get it dried and fold it up while you’re watching television. Doing a load a day can transform your life. You won’t dread doing the laundry if there isn’t much to tackle to begin with.

Pick Up After Yourself

Enforce the rule of if you bring something out, you must be responsible for putting it away afterwards. Hold your family accountable to this rule.

If you or someone in your family grab a colouring book and markers, make sure it’s all put back up afterwards. It’ll take you less time to put away a single thing than it will to put away multiple things at the end of the day.

Clean Counters Every Day

Just as your dishes should be done multiple times a day, so too should your counter be kept clean often. Every time you walk into the kitchen and notice a tiny stain or clutter, clean it up.

By cleaning the counters throughout the day, you’re preventing a huge mess from forming by evening. That’ll make your meal prep more seamless and effortless. It’s easier to get a meal started with a clean kitchen, rather than be forced to spend thirty minutes cleaning first before you can even cook.

My House Is Clean at Long Last

Keeping a clean house doesn’t have to be a chore that leaves you near tears. If you follow these tips and tricks to developing a cleaning routine, you’ll be fast on your way to a spick-and-span home that shines.

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