How to fix a Noisy Bathroom Fan

Before you start off, make sure you have shut off the electrical power line in your bathroom. Ensure safety so as to work with both hardware and electrical joins and cables. Remember to call a professional if you are not much comfortable working with electrical things.

Now, coming to the point – a noisy bathroom exhaust fan can be repaired by cleaning and adjusting things, that we are going to make you be informed today in this article. So, you don’t really have to buy a new exhaust fan.

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But if you see a total damage that does not support repair, then you should plan for a replace of the motor or the spinning fan.

The main job of the exhaust fan is to ventilate the bathroom that keeps the air quality healthy and besides help to prevent mold and mildew by balancing the humidity and moisture level with the outside environment.

So, you can feel how important it is for the exhaust fan to work properly! And thus you achieve a better bathroom experience. Let’s dive right into the process and have a look at the essentials you would require for this project.

Things you will need:

  1. Hand Vacuum
  2. Motor lubricant
  3. Screw driver
  4. Dusk mask
  5. Cleaning water
  6. Cleaning rug
  7. Flashlight

Find the reasons:

Case-1: Your exhaust fan will become noisy in cases like when the vent housing has become full of dust particles. They can accumulate over time and thus create unnecessary noises.

Case-2: Or the spinning fan wheels are out of alignment which might hit the vent housing body and create noise.

Case-3: Another cause might be the cheap exhaust fan that has lost its longevity, which is not a focus on this article as you will need a total replacement.

Steps of How to fix a noisy bathroom fan:

So, how to we prevent and repair the exhaust fan making unnecessary noise and make solution to the first two cases of our investigation? Let’s try to follow these steps below –

  1. To ensure safety, wear a dusk mask to protect your face.
  2. As mentioned earlier, make sure to shut off the electrical power line in your bathroom.
  3. Now carefully remove the screw holding the vent cover.
  4. Once you remove the vent cover it’s time to clean the vent housing and the spinning fan wheels with a vacuum.
  5. Check if the fan is in its right position and the motor running smoothly as expected. Besides the fan blade is spinning without touching anything inside the vent housing.
  6. Now, remove the screw and get the fan down for further cleaning. It is advisable to use some kind of lubricants to the motor shaft to make its moving easy. (In part in details below)
  7. Also, clean the vent cover and before you install back everything, make sure they are properly dry and there is no water drop around the electrical wire lines.
  8. Carefully install the exhaust fan and put on the wire lines. Then before finally screwing the cover, put on the electrical line to check if the problem has gone yet. Hence, make use of a flashlight to investigate further on this issue.

That should work if the investigation on the reasons is valid. But If not, and the noise is not quieter than before, it was not a matter of being dirty and time to plan for a new exhaust fan.

How to lubricate the motor shaft of your exhaust fan:

You would need to point exactly to the place from where the shaft of the motor is coming out of the motor shell. First, clean the area with a rug or vacuum and start to put few drops of lubricant like the WD-40.

Or, use any other commercial lubricant that you find is suitable to use and get dirt and dust free shaft surface to ensure its easy mechanism.

After applying make few turns on the fan blades to clean any dripping drops of the lubricant and clean them out with a rug. This way make sure you have applied perfectly that will allow the fan to spin easily.

Once done, place it back to the position and install the exhaust fan again. And hopefully this should fix the problem and you might see the problem is gone or, at least the noise is quieter than before.

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