How to Decorate Effectively for Summer

It’s no secret that after a long Winter, we long for the beauty of Summer. The green trees, the warm breeze, outdoor dining and general relaxation whilst feeling the sun on our skins. There’s so much out there on how to get ourselves and our bodies summer ready – but what about our homes?

Our homes are where we spend the vast majority of our lives, therefore surely getting them ready for summer is just as instrumental as getting ourselves ready? Whether you’re preparing for guests, or just want a beautifully decorated home to relax in all summer long, these top tips will help you to decide on the most effective ways to decorate your home for the Summer.

How to Decorate Effectively for Summer

Bring Whites into Your Home

Quite often people find themselves shying away from using whites in their home for the fear of them being clinical-looking and cold – yet they couldn’t be more wrong! Using whites throughout your home actually look AMAZING now that we’re in the heat of summer. White naturally brightens each room and will reflect the sunlight well in order to give the appearance of a well-lit and spacious room – whatever time of the day it is. It also makes it a lot more inviting, which is perfect for any summertime entertaining you’re planning on doing. Even if you think you’ll want to repaint your home once the summer is over, white is the easiest colour by far to paint over so that won’t be an issue.

Another positive to having white walls, comes into play if you’re looking to sell your home in the near future. A lot of homebuyers, regardless of who they are, are immediately drawn in by white walls. Not only do they maximise and brighten the space available, but they also provide a blank canvas for those looking to redecorate and will ultimately speed up the selling of your home. For more information on quick house sales, click here.

Bring the Outdoors in

Bring a real tropical feel into your home by filling it with greens, houseplants, and tropical leafy patterns. Summer is all about enjoying the outdoors and nature, the flowers blooming and the green looking luscious – so why shouldn’t we bring all of this inside with our summer décor? Many live house plants have air-purifying qualities, which means they not only look great, but they’re good for you too! What’s not to like?

a real tropical feel into your home

Likewise, leafy and tropical patterns are at the height of fashion currently, so if you’re going to accessorise why not use them? They look great on both throws and sofa cushions and really give whatever room they’re in that summer edge.

Get Some Lighter Curtains

Investing in some lighter curtains for summer is an absolute must when you’re redecorating. Chances are if you’ve still got your winter curtains up, they’ll be a heavy material and potentially a rich autumnal colour. This is great for winter and the festive season, because it gives the room a real cosy edge and blocks out the outside world completely so you can’t even see the poor weather.

As previously said, summer is actually all about allowing the outdoors inside, so sheer curtains are a great investment as they do just this. They allow in just the right amount of light, and if you want to block out bright light but let in a breeze, you can leave them down but open your windows. Not only do they give an overall lovely effect of lightness, but they allow the breeze in so your room doesn’t get too hot. It’s a win-win situation.

Make Your Accessories Bright

Winter is all about plums and reds, whereas summer is all about corals and greens! Say goodbye to your old winter décor and bring some different colours and patterns into your home. Paired with the white walls and tropical feel, brighter colours will make your room really pop.

Again, bright colours are perfect for throws, cushions, and even plants if you want to give the room that extra tropical feel! This is also a great one for in the bedroom, because chances are, you’ll need to keep your heavier curtain or blind in there to make sure you don’t affect your sleep. Simply by adding some bright accessories, you bring a room to life and that’s what summer is all about. If you’re the host this summer, your guests will love visiting your very own tropical paradise, and you’ll be sure to impress at parties.


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