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An awning is by definition “a sheet of canvas or other material stretched on a frame and used to keep the sun or rain off a shop window, doorway, or ship’s deck” according to google, and despite an awning being quite a simple concept with the sole purpose to protect those underneath it from the rain or sun; it can be quite hard to find exactly the right one. In this article we will be solving this complex problem to and easy concept.

Style and functionality

Patio Metal Awning

First off, we need to decide on the style you want. Do you want something that looks modern? Something vintage? Or maybe something that looks standard? These are all questions that you should ask yourself when you are browsing for the perfect set of awnings for your home or business.

You should make sure however that the awnings match the style of the building that you are attaching it to. You wouldn’t want a miss matched house with bits from different areas of time and design; or would you? In addition to that you should also ask yourself: retractable.

Yes, no? and what material it should be made of. These would be essential as something like a metal-based awning will produce a sound which, can be loud yet soothing perfect for someone whom is a fan of ASMR but not so good for people who just want some quiet. A retractable awning would give you greater versatility and allow you to choose to bring more light into or out of a room by limiting the amount of light that can enter a room simply by retracting or extending the awning. This is more common for business,however.


Previously mentioned before different materials matter extensively and effects the desired finish and the end product which is your awning. Fabric for example is best for a colourful weird shaped- stationary awning or a large, cheerful and cheap retractable awning which, typically lasts not as long as a metal or ceramic awning.

A retractable awning is perfect for people who want their awning to blend into their homes and just look like the awning was meant to be there all along as if you choose the right colour of ceramic tile it should perfectly match the roof of the house. When choosing a retractable awning or a metal awning you must also consider the type of metal and construction used.

Metal awnings should be the longest standing awning if you can ensure that it is made of a metal which doesn’t readily oxides and such as aluminium awnings or that if it is made from a metal that does readily oxides for example steel; make sure that there is a preventive barrier in place to stop it from completely rusting overtime. A barrier would be something such as a Teflon coating, clear coat or paint on the bare metal surfaces; either on the awning itself or the metal components of a retractable awning.

Uses of your awning

Commercial Retractable Awnings

Depending on your chosen use for your awning you may need to make specific design choices to accommodate for your needs. For example, if you are a business, a colourful or eccentrically

shaped awning might just be what you need to attract the customers. A large retractable awning would also be great for a business as it could also offer customers to sit outside when enjoying your service either being sheltered from the rain or allowed to sunbathe.

Furthermore, the size of the location of where the awning is going to cover and be placed should also be of consideration as it must fit at the end of the day and one that is too big wont

and one that is too small is useless for most areas.

Your circumstances and needs of each awning

Different types of awnings have different pros and cons and will need to be treated in different ways. This should be considered by yourself if you want to purchase an awning as the various maintenance needs for each different type of awnings can very and be time consuming or costly to perform.

The two main categories of awnings are permanent fixture and non-permanent fixture removable or retractable awnings and they shall be talked about more in-depth below.

Permanent structure awnings

Permanent structure awnings such as metal roof awnings and ceramic will need to be checked on a set basis for rust and any signs of structural damage; ranging from every few months (permanent metal structures to minimise the chance of rust after specific weather conditions)  to a few years   ( permanent structural- ceramic roofing ).

Permanent structure awnings

Metal roof must also be repainted or sprayed with either a clear coat every few years to ensure the design on the awning itself is not fading and that it will not begin rusting rapidly as time continues.  These necessary maintenance chores, can be quite time consuming taking roughly an entire afternoon to do but it can at least be done for cheap especially if you doing yourself as normally every item that you would need to carry out the basic maintenance on a permanent fixed awning can be found at the local hardware store or even in many super markets. 

This would mean that a permanent fixed awning which, is designed to be long standing in the first place is the simplest and cheapest to maintain and perfect for people who have some time to spare to do a DIY job.

Retractable awnings

Retractable awnings are perfect for someone who just wants to sit back and use minimal effort to maintain a perfect look. The maintained of a high-quality fabric or plastic awning simply includes a quick wash of the awning to ensure that mould and mildew does not grow and give the awning an off green canvas appearance. 

This process can be done in under five minutes for a quick job to half an hour to do a thorough cleaning, removing and reattaching the main canvas material and using specialist mould inhibiting chemicals. Furthermore, a retractable awning also allows you to change the style of awning in an instance as all you need to do is buy an approximately sized canvas and put it on; it’s all modular and interchangeable any way.

In conclusion, if you want to find the perfect set of awnings you must ask yourself what style you want and the level of time and money that you would like to invest in its maintenance.

Once you are happy with you chosen style and the type of awning that you would want I would recommend looking at pictures of awnings offered by various companies and ask if they have it in the right size and then continue the process on finding the perfect awning for you there. If you want to invest in an awning, look at pictures of exquisitely designed awnings or simply enquire more about awnings I would recommend Mary Grove whom are professional and quick to respond.


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