How to Clean a Kitchen Chimney at Home

If you think that cleaning a chimney yourself at your home would not be an easy task, then it is not valid. You can easily clean the chimney by yourself by correctly following the methods we are going to list here. 

Why do we need cleaning of Chimney?

While you cook food, the smoke is released and the chimney exhausts the smoke outside your home. The smoke released makes your chimney sticky and greasy, which makes it difficult for the chimney to exhaust air into the atmosphere. This is the reason why you need to clean a chimney. I would suggest you, treat your Chimeny as any other Kitchen Appliances and take care of its regular cleaning.

The smoke that is released while cooking can be harmful and suffocating. If you do not clean your chimney after an interval, then the filters will get block, preventing the smoke from exhausting outside the house. 

Over time, when the filters will get completely block and not allow any smoke to pass, then the smoke will start filling in the kitchen. This can be very dangerous. I request you to take care of your kitchen. You can visit this website where many tips and reviews published frequently.

How Often Should You Clean Your Chimney?

Well, you need not clean chimney every single day. Cleaning once or twice a month will do its job. Cleaning chimney is not a difficult task, but it consumes time. Also, cleaning your chimney can depend on how much you cook. 

For instance, in restaurants, chefs have to cook every time, thus producing more smoke. In such cases, dirt gets build up fast and block the pores of the filters. Therefore, frequent cleaning is required in such cases. 

Tips To Consider While Cleaning Your Chimney

  • Buy the right cleaning products.
  • Make sure that there is no odor coming from the chimney after you have cleaned your chimney. 
  • Install chimney caps to prevent rusting of the chimney by not allowing rain to enter. Also, it keeps away small animals from the chimney.
  • Have a cleaning cycle. Cleaning once in two weeks is recommended. 
  • Use a good sponge or scrub. Make sure that the sponge you are using is in good condition, as this will help in effective cleaning. 
  • Make sure that when you rinse the filters of the chimney, no grease is left.
  • Before you install the filters back into the chimney, make sure that they are completely dry.
  • Be gentle, and don’t use harsh chemicals as they will destroy the filters.
  • Clean the filters after a period. 

Methods To Clean Chimney

These are some of the most common ways to clean a chimney yourself at home. 

  • Cleaning By Dishwashing Liquid

Dishwashing liquid can be found in every kitchen. Also, dishwashing liquid costs very less, that’s why it is one of the most common cleaning methods to clean a chimney. Cleaning through dishwashing liquid isn’t a challenging task. Follow these steps to clean your chimney by dishwashing liquid. 

  • The very first step is to remove all the filters that are installed in the chimney. 
  • Warm a bucket full of hot water, and place the filters in it. Leave them for 1-2 hours in the water
  • Next, it’s time to pour some dishwashing liquid over a sponge. 
  • Now remove the filters from the water and clean it with the sponge.
  • After you have done it, rinse them thoroughly with water and let them dry. Now install them in the chimney carefully. 
  • Cleaning With Paint Thinner

Paint thinner is best for removing grease, oils, and paint that cannot be easily removed by standard methods. Paint be used to clean your chimney effectively. 

  • Take some paint thinner, which is enough to soak a piece of cloth.
  • Now take a piece of cotton cloth and soak it in the paint thinner. 
  • Carefully remove all the filters of the chimney.
  • Clean the filters with the cloth soaked in paint thinner. 
  • Once you are sure that all the grease has been removed from the filters, rinse them with tap water.
  • Now let them dry naturally. You can keep them in sunlight to make them dry faster. 

  • Cleaning with Baking Soda

Baking soda can also be found in every kitchen. Also, it can effectively clean greasy substances. Baking soda is used for cleaning filters.

  • Take a tub of hot water.
  • Now add 2 cups of vinegar to it, along with 2-3 tablespoons of baking soda, and 2-3 tablespoons of salt. Mix them well.
  • Now remove all the filters from the chimney, and immerse them in hot water. 
  • Let the filters stay in hot water for some hours.
  • Remove the filters and clean them with a sponge or a scrubber.
  • Remove all the dirt and grease and then wash them with plain water.
  • Let them dry and install them in the chimney.
  • Cleaning with Vinegar

Vinegar can also be found in every kitchen. Cleaning with vinegar is as same as cleaning with baking soda. The only difference between the cleaning process is using vinegar instead of baking soda and salt.

  • First of all, take a tub full of hot water.
  • After this, take 1-2 cups of vinegar and pour it into the hot water. Mix them well.
  • Now place the filters of the chimney and put them in the tub.
  • Let them stay in it for a few hours.
  • Remove the filters and clean them with a sponge.
  • When you have cleaned all the grease from the filters, rinse them thoroughly with tap water.
  • Let the filters dry out completely before you install them in the chimney.


The products mentioned above are the right to use the product. One can use them without having any damage. Many cleaning products are available in the market made up of harsh chemicals that can destroy the filters. Mostly the filters in the chimney are made up of aluminum, which can get discolored or get destroyed with the use of harsh chemical cleaners available in the market. It is safe to use the products mentioned in the list, as they will not damage the filters.

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