How to Choose the Right Dining Table for Your Home

scandinavian style dining table

A dining table is an important piece of furniture that you should own ASAP. It is an investment that can accentuate your home and dining room. It is not only a place to eat but to mingle with loved ones, do homework and even gather just as a family.

As much as there are many DIY guides when it comes to farmhouse table, you still need to make your pick very carefully depending on your dining room structure. Buying one is not cheap at times, so you need to pick a quality one that can outlive you for years to come.

Here are some key considerations to keep in mind while choosing the right dining table for your home.

1.     Style

You should consider your lifestyle when choosing the right dining table for your space. For instance, if your dining table is an extension of your kitchen then you will need a casual table with a heavy-duty surface for longevity.

However, for formal dining, you will definitely need a table with a delicate fine finish to it. It should also accentuate and complement your dining room and all its décor. A table with extension leaves is also a good choice if you tend to entertain a lot. This way you extend only when needed.

You own personal preference will also help determine the dining table style be it traditional, classic, modern, or eclectic.

2.     Size

Size is also important when it comes to choosing the right dining table for your space. Nonetheless, space or room in which it will be situated should determine its size. So before, you consider the number of people who will gather around it, look at the space you have.

The available space should be enough so one does not have to breathe in, in order to walk around the table, even with the chairs pulled out. So take the measurements correctly before even considering the table design. You will not want a dining table that is too small or too large for the room.

3.     Shape

This is important in creating a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing space. Here are some common shapes to consider, depending on your room structure.

  • Rectangular Tables-This is probably the most common shape for a dining table, as it is highly flexible and can seat more than four people. Moreover, most often come with leaves for length extension. You can also add another to it during big celebrations.
  • Square Tables-These are best for square rooms, with a small guest list. You can also put two squares for special cel
  • Round Tables-This type works well in small square rooms, with an intimate setting for small gatherings. You can get one with a leaf to change it into an oval shape for a large
  • Oval Tables-Oval dining tables often take less space due to their rounded corners. This makes them a great fit for small or narrow rooms. Most often comes with leaves for capacity extension.

4.     Material

The material construction of a dining table often determines its durability. As always, hardwood is often the best option over engineered timber or MDF. Glass also works great in modern spaces while marble can work with traditional and contemporary setting. Marble is also very durable.

Here are some top material selections you can check out.

  • Wood Tables-Hardwood is always classic and easy to fix. Some popular affordable choices are mango, pine, gum, and Snakewood is also common but a bit pricey.
  • Veneer Tables-Wood veneer is a great alternative to solid wood. You just have to buy a quality one.
  • Glass Tables-These are also less expensive and can create a sense of openness and space. You can find them in clear or translucent types.


Buying a dining table is not an easy experience. You need to be informed about everything from price to location. You can rely on this article to buy a durable one for your home.

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