How to choose the perfect carpet for your beautiful house?


If there is a decorative element capable of adding an extra warmth to a given space, it is undoubtedly a good carpet, a modern home products parts for everyday use. And if this happens in any room of the house, it also happens in the bedroom. Today we are going to give you some guidelines so that you can choose the carpet for the bedroom without making a mistake.

Carpet for the bedroom

One of the best sensations there is to wake up in the morning, put your bare feet on the floor and step on a soft and fluffy floor. That’s why it’s such a good idea to choose a carpet for the bedroom. If the rugs provide warmth to any space, in the bedroom this feeling acquires more relevance, for being an intimate and welcoming environment. The carpets, moreover, decorate by themselves, isolate the floor from the noise and protect it. They also result insulating both cold and heat, so they can be used throughout the year. To understand which carpet will be best for you, you can now read the top tuft and needle pouch Reviews, here. 

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best carpet for your bedroom. One of the first ones that assail us is the style of it, its design and appearance. The first thing you will look for will be a carpet that you like, that you think is pretty and special.

What are the choices?

Be it smooth or stamped, it is advisable to opt for a colour palette that harmonizes with the rest of the tones used in the decoration of the room. Look at the walls, the bedding and the curtains, and also the furniture. A good idea is to choose carpets of neutral colours which always work in almost all environments, are decorated with whatever colour. It is also important to choose the material in a reasoned manner. You can decide on natural materials (wool, cotton or leather), of great beauty. Although if you want a resistant and easy maintenance alternative, synthetic fibre rugs are the perfect choice.

natural carpet

Synthetic carpets offer great durability and are easily cleaned. And not only that, but this type of current fibres have evolved a lot with respect to the past. Today they show a spectacular touch and appearance, very similar to those of natural fibres. Its colour and texture are very special. Choose a model with long, very soft and cosy hair, or a carpet for the short-haired bedroom, easier to clean.

Decide the right size

When choosing the size of your carpet for the bedroom you have different options. The important thing in this case is to take into account the dimensions of the room, as well as the size of the bed. An idea, if your bedroom is spacious, is to opt for a large carpet in the purest carpet style. They cover all the space of the bed and the bedside tables. To know the width you have to add to the width of the bed, the size of the two bedside tables and about 10 cm more on each side. As for the length, they reach a span beyond the foot of the bed. Another option is that the carpet starts from the middle of the bed and reaches well over the feet of it. The key is to leave the bedside tables outside. It is a good alternative for large and long bedrooms.

You can also put the carpet for the bedroom right in front of the bed, to cover the passage area of ​​the bedroom. In this case, you lose the sensation of stepping on it as soon as you get up, but it is very decorative. Of course, as you will step on it a lot, better choose a colour that is not too light (so it does not get dirty right away).

On both sides of the bed

Moroccan kilims

Two narrow and elongated carpets on both sides of the bed are the most frequent alternative as far as carpets for the bedroom are concerned. The standard size for these rugs is 60 x 90 cm, more or less. You have many designs and models to choose from, from those that imitate sheepskin, to the most ornate in the style of Moroccan kilims. If your style is more simple and Nordic, choose a smooth, thick and comfortable model. You can also add a third carpet at the foot of the bed. The result, as well as comfortable, will be the most decorative.

Original ideas that succeed

So far we have told you the most common ways to decorate your bedroom with carpets. However, there are other things that you can decide on and that are much more original. How to superimpose several different rugs, an idea that is trend. Or combine very different models – smooth, patterned, with animal skins design. The important thing is that you like them and that they create a cosy effect.

Long hair

Long hair offers a fluffier surface and conveys a greater sense of comfort and warmth. To avoid slipping, it is better to place a single carpet, larger and more difficult to move because of its weight, and choose it with anti-slip base. A rug can change the decoration of a room. And it is an easy and affordable solution to gain warmth and colour. 

The new materials

Plastic materials like PVC, polyethylene or vinyl are also trend. Resistant to stains and moisture, they are great for areas of the house such as the kitchen. They are also ideal for the outside, because they do not spoil with exposure to sun or rain. You can also choose between many colours and shapes. The ideal will be to use blue area rugs bedroom. It will not only enhance the décor of the room, but goes with every wall colour. To keep maintaining the quality of the rugs, you must rely to periodical cleaning with vacuum cleaner. And, choose the professional rug cleaning service only.


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