How To Choose The Best Generator For A Backup Power Source

An emergency generator works as an insurance policy. You never know when there could be the need to use it. It becomes a must-have device for all those whose major work lies anywhere near to the devices that require a power supply.

Generators become essential for a certain mass of people like:

  • Those who require an uninterrupted power supply to accomplish their essential tasks.
  • People who live in rural areas where power outage is very common.
  • Those who work from home.
  • Places where electricity is needed to prevent products’ spoilage like hotels and restaurants.
  • Hospitals where medical equipment works with electricity.

These are some areas where the need for a backup generator becomes crucial and buying new or used portable generators seems a wise option. Now the question is how to choose the best generator for a backup power source.

So here we will discuss some important points that one should know and keep in mind before buying a generator either for personal or professional use.

What Devices You Want To Run By The Generator

It is essential to check out the devices you will be running with the generator in the absence of power supply. Generators come in different power output which is measured in watts. The more power it delivers, the more appliances you will be able to run. Other than this, it is the quality and consistency of power that determines how well your electronic devices will run.

You can simply make a list of your electronic devices and the power they require for functioning. Exclude those who are not so essential and include all those whose discontinuation may hinder your work and living.

What Type Of Generator You Require

Generators are of three different types- home standby generators, portable generators, and inverter generators. While the home standby gets installed permanently and work great as a stable backup power source, the portable and inverter ones are movable and come in different sizes to choose. The later ones are good for transporting and moving to the required places.

Home Standby Generators– They are professional grade generators that require only professionals for the installation. Only an experienced person can assist in endowing municipal permit, proper location, and noise restrictions. The best thing about them is as soon as the power shuts off they start automatically. With the capability of working with different fuels like propane, gasoline or natural gas, they ensure constant power supply. Apart from these, running self-diagnosis whenever maintenance is needed is their biggest asset.

Portable Generators– The benefit of using a portable generator is you can use it anywhere. However, at the same time, it is important to have it not more than 20 feet from the structure. Portable generators run on gasoline; therefore, you need to stock the fuel in good quantity. Due to gasoline, they release a high level of carbon monoxide which is harmful to health. Therefore it is advised to keep the facing away from the house. These generators are relatively less expensive and thereby easily affordable.

Inverter Generators– With complex engines, inverter generators are a costlier affair. However, they are still less expensive than the home standby one. They have certain benefits over the conventional generators like:

  • They do not make too much noise
  • Their exhaust system is much sophisticated
  • They run effectively with the production of less emission comprises the list of the best generators under these three categories. For more details, you may access the website.

Some other important features that are essential to count are:

Does It Starts Automatically– If your generator has the feature of automatic shut on, consider it as a blessing. You can travel anywhere without the fear of your electronics is getting shut down.

Does It Electric Start– While most of the models come with a pull-starting feature, there are few which starts with a push button. Although you might have to spend a little more with this but believe me, it will be worth it.

Is There Any Alternative Fuel Capacity– If there are possibilities of alternative fuel capacity you may use anything from natural gas lien to propane tank or gasoline to make your device work.

Can You See The Fuel– There could come times when the power outage may last for 2-3 days continuously. In such days, knowing how much fuel is remaining in the generator will prepare you to fulfill the demand on time for continued supply.

Does It Have Low-Oil Shutoff Feature– It is important that the generator comes equipped with low-oil shut off feature. It means that as soon the oil falls below the minimum level, the generator shuts down. It prevents the engine from damage.

Does It Have Multiple Outlets– Multiple outlets means spreading the load for the best use of the wattage.

Wrapping Up

A generator is an essential part of life. You never know when the natural calamity, technical default or unavoidable circumstance may arise to cause unnecessary troubles. So get the best generator and make the best use of it. Always remember, a generator will never leave you in the dark!

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