How to Build Surround Sound System for Home Theater

Your home theater can be the most amazing resting and family space for you but if there are some technical problems, then your entire living area would become an annoying place.

Have you ever imagined this scene, that your house is full of  guests and you have invited all of them for watching a good movie, but you end up hearing different noises and not everybody is able to listen to the character’s voice.

You would be extremely embarrassed; many people do not think of a home theater with the best sound system along with the quality of the LED or LCD. What would you do without a good sound system? As now we have got a variety of sound systems and speakers, such as wireless bookshelf speakers.

In this article we will discuss a lot of things regarding your home theater, but your main focus will be on the sound system. the most effective sound system is the surround sound system, you might have heard about it but most of us do not know how to create it.

What is a Surround Sound System?

A surround sound system is the one that is arranged in such a way that it covers the listener’s area at a 360 degree.

The sound speakers are arranged in such a way that the sound energy is projected with full potential.

Steps for building a surround sound system

Building your home surround sound system is not a difficult task, and now even the mediocre can afford it.

Here are some steps, which are involved in making a home theater with a sound surround system.

Decide a Location

When you are planning to build a home theater, then make sure that you already know at what place are you going to have it.

There are a few things which you must consider while selecting the location. The area of the house, it can be the most open area of your house.

Cover the Area

Once you have deiced the location, the next step is to cover that area, having thick curtains or some big book racks would be good.

Setting the System with Prewiring

In a surround sound system, there would be almost 7 speakers, including woofers and amplifiers, placing all of them in the right position is important.

Because there are several connections involved that is why a pre-wiring is important so that at the final step, you might not get confused.

Mark all the position, the most common ones with more potentials are center, either sides and the position of the hub, where you would set the receiver and other players.

You must place the hub in the center, and then connect each speaker with a 12-14-gauge wire especially for the rear and side speakers but for the center, you must use a 4 to 16guage wire.

Wiring Projector

Get the right cables, in a general video projector, you would need a cat5 cable and HDMI. When you are prewiring, you would let the one end hang from the roof or the covered wall, and the second end will be connected with the hub.

Setting Lights

Generally, people do not bother about the lightening but if you want to have them just on point like the environment in a cinema, then you must add some lamps on either side.

It is completely upon you, you may add as many lights as possible, linking lights will follow the normal electrical procedure for fixing any sort of lights in your home theater.

Get the Couch

Without a proper sitting arrangement, you must not even think of a home theater, your sofas and armchairs can be a reliable option, but having some good seats which are designed just like the seats or sofas in cinema would boost up the look of your house theater.

You only need to find the right armchairs, which have got the bottle holders and other petty yet essential accessories.

Things that Will Affect a Sound Quality.

In this section we would discuss some factors which can influence the sound systems, because most of the times, the issue is not in the arrangement of the speakers but the internal system of the speakers.

The Distance in the Speakers

If your sound system is not affecting the intensity of your television or computer, then try to change the position of the speakers.

The distance of the speakers plays a crucial role, here the law of indirect proportion applies that the distance is inversely proportional to the sound intensity.

Upon increasing a meter square distance, the sound quality would decrease by 6db.

The Room Noises

In your room, there would be a lot of things, from the fan to the simple electric bulb. Each electric equipment makes some noise, and the amazing part is this noise is quite timid, so no one is ever able to realize it.

If your room is filled with various electric things, the noise of all these things combine also known as background noise. In such situations when the background noise is more than 60db, then those who are standing away from the system. They will not be able to hear clearly.

So, when you are installing a sound system make sure that the background noise is quite low and manageable, or if you have got a lot of equipment in your room then make sure that all of them are turned off, only those which are needed must be working, such as your fans or Alexa.

The Amplifier

If your amplifier is not working properly then it does not matter if you are having the best speakers. Your first-class speakers also depend upon the quality of the amplifier being attached, you might have noticed that a poor- and low-quality speaker with a good amplifier works amazingly well.

So, while you are buying amplifiers, make sure that you are confident of its quality.

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