How to Build a Collapsible Folding Table

As we all are at our homes because of the coronavirus pandemic, that is why most of us would be thinking of creating some useful stuff at home.

Here in this article, I will try to discuss the method in a few steps for making a collapsible folding table, many of you would think that crafting and building your furniture with your own hands is not possible or it might turn into a disaster.

May God be with them, who are courageous enough to try new things, nothing is impossible, and this lockdown is the best time, to find out if you are good at something or not.

We would not only discuss the method, but I will also help you to have a look at some parameters and factors which directly or indirectly affect the making of a collapsible folding table. Creating a folding desk, table or any other furniture sounds very difficult but it simply requires a bit of wit and brain, and you can make it all alone.

Before we head into further things let us have a look at the steps which would be included in making the collapsible folding table.

Choosing the Hardware

Of course, the first step would be finding and thinking of the right material. It is totally up to you; you can pick up any material which you think would be nice.

Here are multiple things which will affect the choice of the material, that will be discussed later.

However, picking up lumber is the best option, is the lumber wood has been serving us for quite long and so far, we have not found any other good sort.

Things to focus while picking up lumber for your folding table

There are three things that are needed to be considered, when you are buying lumber for furniture.

The Cost

You must have a budget in your mind when buying a table, similarly, when building a table, you must also calculate a budget. In the market, there would be various types of lumber, and the price will vary according to the quality and gradient, so after making a budget you would select the one, what will fall for the selected budget.

The Hardness

Then find out the durability of the wood, if you are unable to go out and want to order online, then you must learn about the durability of different types of lumber, durability is the hardness against wear and dents, you might have noticed that some wood planks are quite thin, and they are weak.

For building a durable table you must, check the Janka hardness value for that model. Various online sites or some professional carpenter can help you in this regard.

Wood Grain     

Normally we use open pores wood for day to day wood use, such as for burning, etc. In this case, we are trying to make a foldable table, so a solid and closed wood grain with fewer pores will be suitable.

Types of wood that can be used for making foldable table

Here is the list of wood that can be used for making a foldable table.


Using pine will be a good idea, but there are a few things which can be disturbing. Before discussing them let us have an idea of what benefits can we have, the first thing is, if you are building a table for your kids then pine wood will work best.

Moreover, pinewood is affordable, the con is that it is a softwood, that is why there is a risk of scratches and dents.

Cherry Wood

Cherry wood is a dark-colored one, and it can be shaped easily especially for difficult designs. The annoying part is its price, it is not cheap, and you will have to spend money.


The last option is of maple. It is an affordable option and it can take the stains well; it does not darken, the color is light and fascinating.

Cutting the Wood

While cutting the wood you will need various tools if you have not got them then stop planning further. You must think of the tools before you even touch them, moreover, make sure that the tools are sharp, otherwise, you may not cut it finely.

Here is a list of tips which you need to follow

  1. Do not Hold the Cut Edge.
  2. Do not Set the Cutter Deep.

Draw Some Lines on the Plank for Avoiding Mistakes.

Make Some Rough Cuts.

Sanding the Wood

Once you have cut all the pieces according to your desired sizes, the next step is to sand them in equal thickness, otherwise, your table would not be able to stand and support. Look for some good sanding equipment.


Now, as you have made the sticks, it is the time to make holes, you must use a drill machine. It will speed up the process.

Make equal and aligned holes, otherwise, you will not be able to balance the folding table.

Install the Dowel

You must have 3 to 4 inches dowels, you must not try to insert or fix them in a solid way, try some glue instead.

You must have an 11 inches support at the edges, those edges will relate to the dowel on one side and on the other side you would connect them with the legs.

Connecting the legs

For legs you will make some other dowels, at least two of them, you must find the center of those dowels with a piece of equipment called center finder. Next, you must connect the legs, in a crisscross manner.


You must polish the legs, before attaching the top, otherwise, it would not look good when some areas of the legs especially the joints would not be polished well.

Next when you would have furnished the legs, fix the top, and then polish it at the last moment.

Your folding table is ready to use once the polish has been dried up. You can use it for various purposes and the best part is it would not cover much space.


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