How often do I need to change my Water Filter?

A water filter prevents water impurities such as excess chlorine, zinc, and copper from contaminating your tap water. Water filters are available in different types ranging from activated carbon filters, alkaline water ionizers to reverse osmosis. Once you have installed a whole house water filter, you will require minimal maintenance throughout its lifetime. The only maintenance that you need is to replace the filters in some of your system’s components. Read on to discover how often you need to change your water filter.

Sediment Pre-filter

The sediment pre-filter is the initial phase of cleaning your water. The component removes sediment particles before passing the water to other filters in your whole house filtration system. Since it is the first filter in your unit, it ends up trapping a lot of dirt and debris. As such, experts recommend that you change your sediment pre-filter every three to six months.

Sub-Micron Post-filter

The sub-Micron Post-filter is an optional filter in your whole house filtration system. The components eliminate the tiniest particles that may pass other filters. Manufacturers prefer this component to be optional since these particles are not found in all waters. If you do not trust your water source, you can add this add-on to your whole house filtration system. Experts recommend that you replace this component after every nine to twelve months.

Signs that your Filter Needs Replacement

In case you notice an odor or unpleasant taste in your water, consider checking your water filter. You can also check your filter if your water pressure begins to decrease gradually. Filters with clear containers come with visual indicators that allow you to know when the filter is dirty or in need of a replacement. The manufacturer’s guide will also tell you when you need to replace your filter.

Importance of Filter Replacements

Your water filters need a replacement for them to function correctly. Water filters trap sediments and debris. As such, they may get clogged after months of usage. Clogging may prevent water from passing through or even contaminate your water. Make sure you have a backup filter for convenient changes. You can easily find the brand and model you want through reading the systems manual or visiting Guide. Ensuring that you have safe tap water goes beyond installing a whole house filtration system. You need to ensure that the filter is working correctly. You will find models for your faucets, sinks, carafes, and countertops. The price ranges from $20 to $2,000 depending on the brand and technology. Trusted consumer reports can help you to determine the best filter for you. Before making a purchase, consider the installation, convenience, and water filter tests. These reports will help you determine the water quality and drinking water standards. You can check with your local or state health department for test kits.

If you want to continue enjoying safe water in your home, you must replace your water filter frequently.

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