How Ironing Clothes Removes Wrinkles

Ironing is a process in which we use a machine that is mostly preheated to remove the stubborn wrinkles from the clothes. In the process, the heating temperature setting is done according to the fabric of clothes.

How Ironing Removes Wrinkles:

Have you ever noticed how with only one press your shirt is wrinkle-free? Or thought about the magic behind this technique? I jotted down a few points that will explain the chemistry behind the ironing process. 

If we glance at the root cause, then wrinkles on the clothes occur at the molecular level. Because of the forces of attraction, molecules bind with another through hydrogen bonds. They get loosen when they came in contact with the water molecules. Once the wetness vanishes, the wrinkles began to start forming again.

After reading this scenario, mostly this question piqued in our minds then why do wrinkles appear on clothes after laundry especially when they are hung out for drying purposes. The reason behind this phenomenon is that the reformation of hydrogen bonds occurs when once they get loosen, during that process they become uneven.

And when we iron the clothes, the process reverses and the clothes become wrinkle-free.

Steam Iron:

Steam ironworks in the same process. First of all, it dampens the cloth due to which hydrogen bonds become loose. After it, for re-alignment, a specific amount of pressure is applied to the cloth. The heat of the finest steam iron compels the water to evaporate and assist hydrogen bonds in reconnecting.

High Temperature and Wrinkles:

Always keep it in mind; a higher temperature of iron is directly proportional to the faster disappearance of wrinkles. 

When the temperature of iron is high, the process of evaporation of water occurs more rapidly, due to which the hydrogen bonds realign more swiftly.

Wrinkle Remover Spray:

To make ironing trouble-free use wrinkle remover spray, that will help you in removing wrinkles within no time. Moreover, the spray forms a coating of resin on the cloth when it gets dry, and makes it less prone to wrinkles.

Merits of Ironing:

Better Look:

Ironing has the potential to soften the fabric and bring it back to its original form. It will assist the individual in maintaining the quality, shape, color, and texture of the cloth.

Less Expense:

If you are the person who prefers dry cleaning over ironing just to save your money, then stop, because you are doing the wrong practice. As ironing costs less than the dry cleaning, it can assist you in saving money. Your average bill will be less, if and only if you opt for ironing.

Kill Germs:

Besides other merits, ironing makes the shirt clean and germs free by killing the germs and spores on it. Especially, the temperature that steam iron requires to iron clothes is ideal for killing bacteria.

If you have pets and you are worried about the smudged area on the cloth then just iron that specific area and see the magic.

Eradicate Bad Odors:

You know what? Your body odor is a natural byproduct of bacteria. And by the process of ironing not only the bacteria are killed but also the body odor vanishes.

If you have the availability of iron with diverse steam settings, then spot treat the shirt specifically on the area of under-arms.

Mostly you will see stubborn spots of sweat on the polyester or on workout clothes. With the assistance of perfect steam, your clothes will be spot free and fresh.

Boost up Confidence:

Confidence matters a lot, especially when you go for a job interview. The first thing the interviewer will notice is your confidence or how much confidence you have on your looks. When you wear wrinkle-free clothes that are ironed firmly, you feel much more confident about yourself.

Suppose if you are perfect for the job with the highest marks, but your clothes are wrinkled and in a bad state. The interviewer will never select you; no matter how capable you are for the job. As in the selection procedure, the interviewer will judge you by your dressing sense, personality, and at last by the grades. 

Dry Cleaning vs. Ironing:

When you opt for dry cleaning, they use harsh chemicals that decrease your cloth durability. Dry cleaners mostly used a chemical known as PCE or perc. This chemical has the potential to stick to the clothes and is absorbed by the body. PCE is a very harsh and harmful chemical even a small amount of it can cause serious health issues. A small amount of it that is absorbed by the body can cause serious respiratory infections, eye-sight problems, and headaches.


In this paced era of technology, we usually have no time for our mental health. Our mind is mostly stuffed with anxious and disturbing thoughts. Among this sort of situation, ironing can work as a mind-calming gadget. We can consider ironing as a meditation session and relax our mind.


In a nutshell, iron your clothes on a daily basis because they make a positive impact on the personality.

We all know that a well-ironed suit can add up to your personality. It makes you feel more beautiful and confident and gives an assured about your personality. If you wear a wrinkled or crush shirt in your office, It will absolutely let down your image in the office. A perfect ironed shirt shows your confidence and shows you how you conduct yourself with professionalism. If you work hard and make any dish, you will feel proud of yourself. The same proud will reflect when you iron your own clothes. It is very important for your personality and image that how you wear and what you wear in your society. When you are alone at home and you have nothing to do you can simply start ironing your clothes. The crisp working of iron resulting in a smooth surface of clothes gives you a more comfortable and relaxing feel. 

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