How bad is vaping for kids?

Vaping has quickly become popular among the youth and many smokers can be found vaping. Smokers also use vape to counter their smoking addiction. There are side affects to vaping. However, it isn’t as harmful as conventional cigarette. Parents who are worried about vaping and want to know more about it, due to their kids vaping, should continue reading to find out, whether, they should put an end to their kid vaping or not. Parents or adults in general might also want to know, if they can vape in front of kids.

So what’s vaping?

In simple words, vaping is the process of inhaling through a vapor which is an electronic device. The vaporizer is powered with the help of battery which can be charged. The vaporizer has a cartridge which is filled with a liquid like cyclops eliquid that consists of chemicals, flavors and nicotine. This liquid is heated in the vapor to allow the person to inhale it and feel the sensation of vaping. Using this device is referred to as vaping.

What are the health implications of vaping?

Since, the vaporizer contains nicotine, it can be highly addictive for the user and it greatly impacts brain development. Here are the main health implications of vaping.

  • Besides, it being very addictive, it slows down the brain development of users such as teens or even kids. It significantly impacts concentration, memory, self-control, learning, mood and attention.
  • Adults will experience in addiction levels including hard drugs usage.
  • Can damage or at least irritate your lungs.
  • Could also lead to use of other vapes which contain dangerous chemicals or marijuana.
  • Usage of such a device could also alter the way you feel, think and act.

Is it safe to vape every other day?

Now, the thing with vape is even if you don’t use it on a daily basis, you still can get addicted easily. The level of addiction varies from person to person. This is why, it is better to not vape. However, it can be used as an alternative to smoking.

Can one vape using vaporizers that do not contain nicotine?

Normally, most vaporizers contain nicotine. Even the ones that do not have chemicals have some nicotine content. Vaping will damage or irritate your lungs. It is difficult to say whether one can vape using vaporizers that do not contain nicotine as no such research has been done as of yet.

Should kids quit vape and how can they do it?

As the saying going “When there is a will, there is a way”, the same can be said about vape, kids should most definitely quite vape and the earlier, the better. It can be difficult to quit the habit of vaping but it is definitely possible.

The first thing which one needs to think about is why they want to quit and the health implications are a good reason to want to quit it. There are many help groups which will help you transition.

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