House Staging Tips for Home Sellers

Staging a home is an important part of the marketing process. Potential buyers form an opinion about your home within the first 10 seconds of viewing hence you should seek to create a great first impression. We have noted that well staged spaces increase buyer interest in our Seattle craftsman houses. House staging need not be an expensive process since you can employ a few tricks that will go a long way into making your home a masterpiece.

Clean up

Staging your home for sale presents an opportunity to clean the house thoroughly. The cleaning process will be easy and manageable if you tackle one room at a time. This will help you identify the tough cleaning spots that will require professional cleaning services in order to have perfect results.

Cleaning eliminates bad odors in the house hence you do not need to bake vanilla muffins to mask the smell every time you have a buyer viewing the house. Cleaning goes further to include the de-cluttering process where you remove junk from all the rooms in the house. Avoid stuffing items into closets and shelves since prospective buyers will look through all the storage spaces and such spaces should be neat.


Potential homebuyers walk into a home for sale and picture themselves living in that house. They envision their furniture, utensils, and other personal effects in the home. As such, you should give them enough room for imagination. This means that you should de-personalize your house by removing photos, collectibles, and awards from the rooms and store them.

However, do not turn your home into a cold spectacle. Make the home warm and inviting by placing a few vases with flowers in some rooms and a bowl of fruits on the dining table to make the house seem livable.


When most people consider staging their home, they think that they will have to fork out a fortune to buy new furniture, fixtures, and other furnishings. The truth is that you should first work with what you have then come up with a list of items that you need to either buy or rent for a short while. We feature tastefully furnished Seattle mansions for sale that will pique anyone’s interest in luxury living.

With furniture, you may only need to re-arrange them and place a few throws on the seats to enhance the cozy feeling of the home. Ensure that rugs on the floors are clean, fit the room perfectly, and match the theme of the particular room. Home staging experts advise that you should keep two thirds of the items in each room in order to free up some space. The bedrooms are major decision points for homebuyers. Use neutral colors on the walls and bedding to avoid favoring colors associated with a particular gender. Additionally, neutral colors such as white and beige make a room look crisp and sophisticated like something out of a design magazine.

The purpose of staging a home and hosting an open house is to allow potential buyers to wander around and form an opinion about the house. As such, you should make sure all rooms are accessible and preferably leave all the doors open to assure buyers that they are free to view everything.

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