Home Renovation on a Tight Budget: Our Ideas

Reviving the beauty of your dated house, usually, does not come cheap or easy. It requires planning, saving, and a lot of work. The process may consume your time and energy but the results are always worth it. The budget, however, is a different matter. Sticking to your budget is harder than you think. Many homeowners lose track of their spendings while renovating. If you want to renovate your house and your budget is tight, we have some tips and ideas that will surely help you.

Some Tips First:

Stick to the Plan 

When you start the renovation, things might quickly get out of hand, budget-wise. Do not fall for the temptation of working on an unplanned project, while you are in the middle of a different one. Yes, it might sound good to do crown moldings now, while you are already installing ceiling coffers. You are in the middle of remodeling, the room is already under construction and you have a contractor with his team on hand. Do not follow this urge or you will find yourself wasting your spendings left and right in no time. Have a clear and realistic plan from the beginning and do not stray too far from it.

Research Everything

If you do your research from the start, you will have a clearer idea of what needs to be done and how much it would cost. So do your homework. Lookup and compare the prices of materials you will use later. Find a contractor that fits your budget and understand your needs, even if you have to interview many. Ask a legal consultant if you have to get renovation permission. 

Expect the Unexpected

Even with a plan and a budget, leave some wiggle room for any unexpected expenses. Often, while you are remodeling, you will discover an unforeseen issue that would need immediate fixing, like some mold under the wallpapers you are renewing or a cracked pipe in your bathroom. So add at least 20% on top of your budget for additional costs.

DIY When you Can 

Even though DIY-ing will save a lot of money, it might not be cheap in the long run. Sometimes hiring residential general contractors from AFS General Contracting is the smartest move, because you might ruin something unknowingly while fixing another and, then you will need a contractor anyways. Therefore, if you find the project a little out of your comfort zone, wait, and save more money to hire a skilled professional.

Our Renovation Ideas

Paint to Renovate

Painting might be the most cost-effective way to bring life back to your rooms and give them a fresh feel. Painting is the number one DIY home-improvement project people do when they want to upgrade their house. So, join them and buy a can of paint from your local home improvement store. Do not forget to prepare the room beforehand by covering the big pieces of furniture, the floor, and the electrical outlets. You do not want to find paint splashes all over the place, once you finish.

The Front Door

To renovate the outside of your house, the most budget-friendly way is to upgrade your front door. You can either give your exciting a fresh layer of paint or add dome trims to it. If the door is too old, do not waste your efforts on it and invest in a new door of your liking. Frame the door with two pots of outdoor plants, buy a new welcome mat and the facade of your house will look new and welcoming.

Kitchen Cabinets

You have probably thought about remodeling your old kitchen cabinets a few times but you fear that it will be too expensive for your tight budget. Until you can buy a new set, you can paint them with fresh new colors and add some trims to the door with modern handles. This will transform and refresh your kitchen.

Update the Bathroom

A full bathroom renovation will cost you a pretty penny so start it with a step by step plan. Buy tiles, faucets, a sink or any other thing you are planning to change and store them until you have enough funds for the whole process. Set and follow a well-organized plan when it comes to changing the plumbing system, laying the tiles, and installing new fixtures like a new tub or sink. Do not start with the tiles first and then remove them when you want to change the pipes. Be conscious of what comes first. 

Easy Crown Moldings

Crown moldings will add value and charm to your house like nothing else. Buy the lightweight foam ones and install them during the weekend. Foam moldings are cheap, so they will fit any budget you have, while still looking great. You probably will be able to install them alone, they do not need heavyweight cutting saws or contactor. You just need a ladder, the right type of adhesive, and a measuring tape.

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