Healthy Juices For You and Your Skin

Our generation is overwhelmed with health, and we ought to because, with the passage of time, we have started to take lesser care of ourselves.

Materialism has taken us by storm, and we cannot help it. the only thing we now care about is wealth, and not what we ought to. Juices and a healthy diet are linked and you can have them even if you are very hardworking and materialistic as they won’t make you lazy, but the most important thing for making juices is the machine for making them you can have a read of the juicer guide for perfect maintenances.

Why We Need Juices?


You might have heard people say that instead of eating fruits and vegetables one can have juices. Still, most of us are unaware of the nutritional benefits of juices and think that making juices for ourselves will be expensive and very time-consuming.

In this section we will see what can be done just by having juices before I get into detail I want to share some of my life experiences, as far as I remember, whenever I got sick my grandmother used to give me juices of various, herbs, vegetables and fruits and she tried to minimize that amount of carbohydrates and fibres in my diet.

Upon asking, she once told me that it is because when we are sick our body is unable to digest hard materials such as carbohydrates and fats, that is why we must shift our meals to juices and soups which are easy to digest and can be easily absorbed in our body, moreover, very minimum amount of energy will be lost.

When we drink juices, our body restores energy as it does not need to spend it on any sort of digestion, only pure extracted nutrients and vitamins are introduced to our body, while we drink juices of vegetables or fruits.

Juices are rich in anti-inflammatory property, which will repair the internal bruises of a person and heal him.

Moreover, juices have got healthy enzymes in them. enzymes are the catalysts for improving our metabolism. It means that ultimately our body’s functions will boost up in speed and our output will be affected through drinking juices regularly.

Lastly, juices are rich in water-soluble vitamins and nutrients which help in removing toxins from your body, sometimes there are much toxics in our intestines, and they get stuck in the lining, which will ultimately cause acne at our chins and lower jaw. Juices can help us remove these toxins.

Can Drinking Juices be Risky?

Drinking juices cannot be very risky, but sometimes if you will be very careless then such things can happen.

If you will drink large amounts of juices then there is a high risk of damaging your kidneys, which will ultimately have worse effects on your health, thus make sure that you are following a moderate path, as it will be safe for your health.

Another thing, which every juice drinker must keep in mind is the false effect of juices, when we drink juice we think that we have got a whole diet, which is not true when you drink juice you lack calories, moreover drinking juices will lower the blood calorie level, so you need to compensate that.

The last thing which we all must take care of is the cleanliness, while you drink some juices make sure that it is pasteurized if not, then it must be clean, because bacteria can destroy your juice and your health as well, causing severe illness.

Juices you must have

1. Cranberry Juice

If you have got any sort of lower abdomen issues, it can be anything related to kidney, urinary tract or reproductive systems, then you need to have this wonderful juice every single day until you feel comfortable.

It is rich in potassium, vitamin C and proteins, your breakfast will be complete after having it. according to some researches, cranberry juice reduces the risk of getting urinary tract infections by almost 33 per cent, which is quite a huge percentage.

In case you cannot have it daily, then you must try to have it thrice a week at least.

2. Tomato Juice

I know, everybody loves to have tomato in their food, sometimes in salads and sometimes as a mash. Tomato is a fruit biologically but because of its use in culinary, we consider it as a vegetable.

Heart patients and those who are having some kidney issues, tomato juice are rich in Lycopene, which is recorded as 80 per cent dietary Lycopene.

One thing, those who tend to drink a lot of tomato juices have to use a little less amount of salt in their food as tomato juice is rich in sodium.

3. Apple Juice

Apple Juice

Whenever we think about juices, the best thing about apple juice. Apple juice is rich in potassium, which is known for supporting the neural functions of your body, by neural functions we mean fast responses.

Moreover, apple juice has got the antioxidants which can remove the damaged cell-free radicals from your body. The best apple juice is the one with foam because it is enriched with the highest amount of anti-oxidants.

It is also rich in cinnamic, which can help the drinker, in maintaining glowing and healthy skin, you must mix apple juice with beetroot juice for the incredible result on your skin and physical health. Lastly, mixing it with orange juice can boost up the calcium levels of these juices, they synchronize with one another and create the best energy drink.

4. Plumps

Plumps are rich in vitamin B, which will help in maintaining the health of your eyes. Moreover, vitamin B is also helpful for DNA production.

Plump juice is rich in phenolics that is why you must have a diluted solution of these juices.

5. Pomegranate Juice

Pomegranate Juice

This juice can be a bit bitter, but if you are having pomegranate juice thrice a week, then I can bet that your healing process is exponential, it increases the number of white blood cells and platelets.

It has got an anti-oxidant named anthocyanin, which helps in filling bruises and wounds.

According to researches, pomegranate juices have got 27 per cent of vitamin C in them. which is water-soluble and helps in cleaning your blood.

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