Handy Kitchen Gadgets You May Not Have Heard Of

Useful Kitchen Gadgets

The kitchen is something we all have and use, but sometimes we don’t consider getting more out of it. We could redesign our kitchen to be more productive, but there are easier ways. There are many handy kitchen gadgets we are missing out on simply because we didn’t know they existed. Here are five handy kitchen gadgets you may not have heard of.

Whisk Wiper

Some kitchen implements are notoriously tricky to clean, and we can get frustrated when we can’t get the job completed easily. I’ve always found a whisk to be one of the worst offenders for this type of problem; often thinking it’s clean only to find stubborn crusts on the underside once the whisk has dried. I was overwhelmed when I found out this handy little device existed.

Egg Cooking Devices

There is even a device that can make a boiled egg turn out square; it’s an interesting device which shapes the egg after cooking, and it reshapes itself as it cools. We’re not saying this is the most essential or practical device on this list, but it is always interesting to find something that’s a little fun. You can also find various pans and egg cookers that keep eggs uniform in size and shape.

Microwave Cleaner

Water Filters

Sometimes the quality of water from the tap is not what we would ideally expect; various issues such as lime or silt can make water safe but still unpalatable. The simple answer to this is to filter your water. There are a few options for water filters, and one way is to have a filter system installed in the faucet, although this can be a big job. One easier way of achieving clear water is to use a glass water filter and enjoy clear freshwater forever. The one thing to be aware of with these filters is they last a while, but they will need to be changed every few months.

Erupting Volcano Microwave Cleaner

One of the worst kitchen appliances to clean is the microwave. The big problem with a microwave is that every little spill ends up being cooked repeatedly if not dealt with immediately. If you have kids, it’s a near-impossible task to get everyone to clean as they go, leaving you a mammoth task. A volcano microwave cleaner is the answer; this simple device uses nothing more than a mix of water and vinegar to create a steam that loosens all the stubborn pieces of cooked-on food.

Vegetable Choppers & Slicers

Buying a specific vegetable chopper can seem like an extravagance, but some fruit and veg can be annoyingly difficult to deal with using a knife. Some vegetable choppers are multi-purpose, where others are particularly specific such as avocado slicers. You may wonder why someone would need something so specific? But if you consider that there are a surprising number of emergency room visits due to people cutting themselves while attempting to peel avocados, then it makes sense.

More cool kitchen gadgets come next!

As long as you have the patience and money for it, you should always examine the market and see what looks most appealing for your cooking. Our suggestions will come in handy!

Automatic paper towel dispenser

You no longer have to manually spread and rip off the paper towel from the dispenser. Now you can use this very cool paper automatic paper towel dispenser. With just a wave of the hand, the paper towel dispenser will automatically deliver a paper towel. The gadget also gives one towel at a time, so you don’t need to pull too much—no more worries about ripping off more than you need, thanks to this tool.

One-handed pepper mill

You can use this gadget for salt or pepper, and the best part about it is that it features six different grind settings. The little helper is made with ceramic, so it will never corrode or rust.

Beeper water boiling alert device

We all know that keeping an eye on a pot won’t make it boil faster; at the same time, the moment you leave the kitchen, it may boil and make a mess. This gadget is smart and detects when water starts boiling and informs you with a beeping sound. If you have kids, this is a great tool to have in the kitchen for their safety. At the same time, it lets you do something other than checking out every 4 minutes if the water is boiling or not.

Speedwing cable pull salad spinner

Not many of us are willing to admit that we skip washing the lettuce when in a hurry. The Speedwing will thoroughly rinse and clean the greens faster than ever. To increase the speed, you need to tug the cable. Pour the water down the drain after you’re done and enjoy your fresh veggies.

Air Lock Bag Reseller

Here’s something you’ve always missed in the kitchen: the bag resealer. The device creates an airtight seal for the pantry goods and comes with an opener for complete functionality. You no longer have to look for clips to close the open bag of chips, but use this intelligent gadget instead.

Flavor Injector Syringe

If you call yourself a cook, you need to get the Flavor Injector Syringe. The tool has two needles: one for thin marinades and one for thick ones. The needles will go deep into the food and deliver the tasty flavor exactly where you need it.

Prokeeper Bread Box

Stale bread is one food that nobody likes to eat. This bread box creates an airtight seal and keeps the bread fresh for a long time. Additionally, you can use its lid as a cutting board so that you can slice the bread without having to use the cutting board.

Stirr Automatic Pan Stirrer

Any kitchen gadget that cuts you down the time you need for prepping/cooking is worth buying. With Stirr, you no longer have to stay and watch out your pan stirring from time to time. The gadget will automatically stir the contents inside, which prevents sauces from sticking and water from boiling over. Not to mention that you can leave the kitchen and do something else.

Click-Lock Sit Up Tongs

When we’re in the kitchen, it’s not only the cooking and prepping that make us spend a lot of time; the cleaning we need to do also takes time. With the click-locking tongs, you may lift the ends up and off the counters so that you no longer have a mess. Due to their ridge, the tongs sit perfectly on the pans and pots—no more looking all over the kitchen for them!

Potato masher and scraper

People with less body strength may have a hard time cooking, but it shouldn’t be that way. With the Smood, you can mash avocado and potatoes in just one swift motion. You press down your food, and you no longer need to call for the man with the muscle in your home.

Modern cooking egg separator

If you’re new to cooking and baking, separating egg yolks and egg white can be challenging. With the egg separator, you only need to crack the egg and wait for less than a minute. The separator will let the egg white drip through, so you use the component you need at the moment.

Vegetable Steamer Basket

If you’re boiling some greens, you no longer have to use the kitchen gloves when handling the boiling pot. Thanks to the Vebo Vegetable Steamer basket, you can quickly grab the handles over the boiling pot without causing yourself a burning. Lift the basket and let the water strain out without even lifting the hot and heavy pot.

How should you select your kitchen gadgets?

When you look for cool and new kitchen gadgets, gathering all the information you need is crucial to select the tools for your cooking and prepping. Apart from reading the customers’ reviews, comparing the prices and features, you also have to pay attention to some crucial aspects. Keep reading for details.


Handy Kitchen Gadgets You May Not Have Heard Of

Stability, features, and performance

Features make a kitchen gadget the main reason for its performance and value. Always compare and examine the features of the kitchen gadget/appliance/tool you plan on buying. Examine the durability and make sure that you don’t have to buy another one any time soon.

Kitchen size

If you’re really into cool gadgets, you might be tempted to buy new devices all the time. However, make sure not to overdo it—where will you store the new tools if your kitchen is small? Even if the kitchen is spacious, you need to be wise and think about how often you use the kitchen gadget. If once a year is an answer, maybe it’s time to slow down the shopping spree.

Watch out for your budget

There are necessary kitchen gadgets and gadgets that you don’t need. Don’t spend more than you can afford. After all, why get a gadget when you don’t have the food to use it for?


What defines as a kitchen gadget?

A kitchen gadget is a specialized tool made to prepare just one type of dish or to perform a technical function for various dishes. Kitchen gadgets refer to innovative items, affordable and expensive kitchen equipment that will ease prepping and cooking.

How do you identify a good kitchen gadget?

A reliable kitchen gadget will save you time in the kitchen and make cooking less complicated. Basic utensils and complex gadgets are considered great kitchen gadgets, as long as they do things easier for you in the kitchen. Many people spend 9-10% of their kitchen budget to purchase kitchen gadgets. Make sure that you give a good thought when purchasing kitchen gadgets—you want to use them, not store them in the pantry.

Are high-end kitchen gadgets worth the extra buck?

If your budget is generous, you should take the plunge and buy yourself some high-dollar kitchen appliances. They will make prepping and cooking more accessible, faster, and more comfortable. As a result, you will enjoy cooking a lot more and feel the improvement in your lifestyle. In addition, high-end kitchen gadgets rock beautiful looks and become the center of attention in your kitchen. As for durability, it goes without saying that expensive kitchen gadgets will take a long time to wear.

Why are kitchen gadgets crucial?

Kitchen gadgets speed up prepping and cooking and cut down the time we spend in the kitchen. Also, they can help us do all the cooking without making the biggest mess. Cool kitchen gadgets will help you chop, slice, and mince raw ingredients without cleaning for hours in the kitchen. Many of the excellent kitchen gadgets out there are also created to reduce the mess when prepping/cooking.

What time of the year should you buy kitchen gadgets?

The best time to purchase kitchen gadgets (or any other appliances for that matter) is when new models roll out. September and October are great for washers, dryers, and dishwashers, whereas May is great for refrigerators. The best time to buy ranges/ovens is in January. When prestigious manufacturers reveal their latest models, retailers cut down the prices on models from previous years so that the new models take place on shelves.

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