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The bedroom is the quiet zone of our apartment. Its location, decor, color scheme and comfort determine how well we recover in our sleep. In addition, the room temperature and humidity should be regulated so that a comfortable climate is created. In addition, there is a lot to consider when renovating and furnishing the bedroom.

1: Consciously Choose the Location of the Bedroom

When moving into the new apartment or when far-reaching renovations take place in the house, almost all doors are open for the selection of the bedroom. There are several factors involved in the decision. Is the wall bordering the stairwell, a nursery or the living room of the neighbors who are long in the evening?

Then it can be loud at our usual bedtime. It is better to choose the loft, a room between the kitchen and the living room or a room on the outside wall as a bedroom.

2: Design The Sleeping Environment Optimally

Experts recommend temperatures between 16 and 18 degrees Celsius as the optimal sleep temperature. The roof, windows, and walls should, therefore, be well insulated. Otherwise, it will be too warm in the bedroom in the summer. If the windows of the bedroom are only lit by the sun in the early morning or in the late evening, they heat up less. If this is unavoidable, thermal roller blinds, clamp fixings or special curtains protect against heat and at the same time against too much external noise. So that the respiratory tract does not dry out when sleeping, the humidity in the bedroom should be between 50 and 60 percent.

Since heating air is rather drier, it is thoroughly ventilated again before bedtime. It is not enough to choose the tilt position. All casements are opened wide for at least ten minutes. Indoor plants also help to improve the sleeping environment. They filter pollutants from the air and bind dust. Only flowering plants should be avoided, as they often smell strong. Some species can cause allergies in sensitive individuals.

3: Use Correct Lighting

The reason for a bad sleep is often the wrong lighting in the bedroom. If she is too bright, she will pretend to the brain, it would be the day. That’s why we do not come to rest. Similarly, unfavorably affects the backlight of smartphones, readers or laptops. That’s why they have to spend the night elsewhere in the apartment.

In order to be able to switch on the appropriate lighting for reading in bed, for sorting clothes in the closet and for going to the toilet at night, several light sources or where they cannot be installed due to lack of space, dimmable lights are recommended. 

4: Select Wall Colors Specifically

Certain colors stimulate the metabolism; others calm the mind. Red, for example, is a signal color, which is better off in the bedroom. Green, blue and delicate pastel colors make our mind relax. Patterns may be used on walls, carpets and accessories like, but should be chosen rather discreetly. Tone-in-tone variations in sample mixes are a recommended variant. Otherwise, it is better to limit yourself to a design.

5: Minimize Pollution

Each adult spends about eight hours a day in bed. Reason enough to pay attention to the lowest possible pollution. Only then is the body able to regenerate itself? When renovating the bedroom, ecological wall paints, breathable plasters, and natural-based floor coverings should be used. For the latter, for example, carpets and runners made of new wool, a parquet of oiled wood or cork.

When furniture panels dry out, it pays to buy new wardrobes and beds made of untreated wood. Mattresses, bedding and bed linen are also targeted to select, especially since their materials decide how much we sweat at night. Cotton and linen are extremely breathable, while polyester and microfiber tend to be unsuitable for sweaty people, but are easy to care for.

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