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A Guide To Proper Lawn Care

A Guide To Proper Lawn Care
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Despite an area’s prevailing weather conditions, summer is a perfect time for every homeowner to ensure their yards and lawns look their best. First, homeowners must make sure the tools to be used during lawn maintenance are in top shape, be it a leaf blower, string trimmer or mower.

Reputable lawn service providers offer the best services to their clients. Here are some procedures to follow before, during and after lawn maintenance or care:


  1. Inspection of Mowers and String Trimmers

Before any service is done to a homeowner’s lawn, conduct proper assessment and testing of the mowers and string trimmers. This will ensure proper working of the necessary equipment during mowing.

Winterizing machines can also be done to ensure they are ready to work. Otherwise, it might be difficult to start either the trimmer or the mower, causing the stale fuel to circulate and cause problems.

Remove gasoline from each tank of the machine as part of preparing it to start operation. That is when fresh fuel can be filled into the tanks together with a stabilizer then have the machines tested. In case of any problems, it is advisable to take the machines to service centers in order to get the gears back to their normal working conditions.

  1. Testing of Soil in the Lawn

Soil testing is usually done at a small fee by many testing institutions. The results received usually tells about the soil’s PH and nutrient level. Such information assists in making decisions about the type of fertilizers to use and how to treat the PH. Soil having low PH shows that it is acidic therefore needs lime. Alkaline soil needs sulfur to reduce its basicity.

Lawn Care

  1. Removal of Leaves and Debris

Generally, it is always advisable for homeowners to leave leaves in their yard. In most cases, these leaves and debris usually block the sun from reaching the grass in the lawn. Therefore hindering their proper growth. Leaf blower can be used to clear out leaves and debris from one’s lawn. The collected leaves can be used for compost which can later on be used on farms as organic manure. The leaves can also be used for mulching purposes.

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  1. Fertilizer Application

Fertilizer application is usually done according to the ratio of application provided on the bags of fertilizers. In most cases, the ratios usually follow each other in the order of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (k). Soil test ensures one knows the type of soil nutrient the lawn is lacking.

Lawn Care Service

  1. Repair of Walkways And Edging

Walkways are usually damaged especially during winter due to freeze-and-thaw causing splitting of the concrete. A good lawn service provider should use concrete-crack filler to seal gaps created along the pathways. Extensive damages should be repaired by landscape contractors by having the stones reset.

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