Guide to Designing Your Living Room

When you are planning to decorate your house, you can never neglect the living room. A well-planned decoration of a living room gives a fascinating and appealing look to the home. For designing your living room, everything is equally essential, including furniture, wall paint, room accessories, and the decorating style.

It is hard to draw on a blank page similarly if your living room is empty, it is quite challenging to start its decoration from zero. However, if you already have a decorated living room, then you should sit back and observe everything. After analyzing the current situation of the place, you can plan things that you can do to make your living room more exquisite.

You can design your living room step by step on your own, or you can hire different companies like Fujitsu, who provide home decoration products and services.

Before you dive into redesigning your living room, you must know the tips which can make your room more elegant and alluring.

If you desire to shower some love for your living room, Here is the ultimate “guide to designing your living room.”

For the perfect designing of your living room, the first thing which you will need is a vision and a plan. The living room is a place where we perform most of the activities like watching a movie, sitting with family, and organizing parties.

According to the size of the living room, first, you will plan layout, then you will select all the things which you want to add.

  • Budgeting

When you are planning to design your living room, the essential point is to check your pocket. Whether you are thinking of buying a tiny thing for you want to transform your living room completely, you will require some amount of money for it.

If you have newly shifted to the house and you do not have any stuff, then you will require more amount of money to buy things for your living room. However, if you desire to make small changes to your living room, then it will be relieving.

You don’t need to have a tremendous amount of money. You can plan your living room designing by sticking to your budget. Budget planning also saves you from overspending on unnecessary things.

  • Wall paint

The wall paint colour plays a very significant role in enhancing the overall look of the room. Whether it is a bedroom, kitchen, drawing room, bathroom, living room, or any other area of the house, wall paint can make your rooms look extraordinary.

If you do a light colour paint in your living room, it will give an illusion of larger space. The brown colour tones make the room more attractive and alluring. If you paint your living room with dark colours, it will make your room look small and will give an intense look. However, the selection of room colour is entirely your choice since you are going to spend most of your time there, so the colours should be according to your liking and preference.

  • Colour scheme 

You should plan a proper colour scheme for your room, and everything in your place should complement that theme. The colour theme should be according to your taste because everyone has a different opinion about colours. Some people may like light colour tones, while others may admire darker colours. Each colour provides a meaning to the room.

Blue and green colour tones give a calming effect to the room. Red, yellow, or orange colours provide energy to the room. Neutral colours provide a perfect Canvas for the designing of the room. You can select any colour theme which you will enjoy seeing every day.

  • Furniture

Arrangement of living room furniture plays a significant role in enhancing the overall room decor. The furniture arrangement requires precise planning. You should choose a focal point that is connected to the whole room, and from there, you can plan the entire layout of the room.

  • Artistic touch

The living room is the perfect place for showcasing your artistic skills. If the walls of your room are empty, they indicate an incomplete room. It does not mean that you have to fill every inch of the wall. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to give an enticing look. You can enhance the decor of your living room with the help of paintings or decoration pieces.

  • Perfect lighting

While designing your living room, you should prioritize natural lighting. But to make your night brighten up, you will also require good lights. You can use the beautiful chandeliers, lamps, or LED lights to provide sufficient lighting to the room.

  • spend on couch

Our living room is lifeless without a good quality couch or sofa. The colour and fabric of the sofa play a significant role. For instance, if you have kids in your house, you cannot buy a white coloured couch because it will get dirty speedily.

The couch fabric should be durable and easy to maintain. You can buy a single large sofa for you can buy more than one according to the area of the room. Most houses have a three-seater sofa. However, if you will place a considerable sofa in your living room, it will occupy a lot of space, and there will be no area left for other seatings.

  • Give a personal touch

From room colour, accessories, furniture, and the whole theme of your living room tell about your personality.

  • Perfect flooring

The flooring of the living should be appropriate according to the use. Many houses have kids, and we all know that kids do not have an exact place for eating, so if you have carpet flooring, the cleaning and maintenance will be difficult. The colour of the flooring also matters a lot because a light colour gets dirty quickly.

  • Movable tables and stools

The movable tables, chairs, ottomans, and stools make your everyday life more comfortable since you can quickly move the furniture from one place to another place. It makes your living room more comfortable.

  • Put rugs

Rugs add energy to your living room. A beautifully printed or plain rug gives an exquisite or attractive look to your sitting area.

  • The window dressing

The window dressing gives a wholly transformed look to your living room. The colour of the dressing should be according to the whole colour theme of the room.

  • Fun with pillows

You can use different colours and patterns of pillows since it adds a bold and pretty look to your living room.

  • Conversational distances

If you are placing more than one sofa in your living room, it will be very appropriate, especially for cozy gatherings. There should be at least a distance of 8 to 10 feet between the sitting areas. It will make the room look less congested.

Final thought

You cannot completely transform your living room in just a few days because the house and its room transformation and maintenance is a lifetime process. You should not spend a lot of money at once; instead, you should invest in the interior of your house slowly over time.


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