Great décor tips to connect with your teen this summer

Teenage is a crucial time for your kids. This is their road to adulthood. Their ideologies and tastes mature during this time and form a stepping stone for their future. However, this is also the age when kids generally drift apart from parents. The whole mind-set of “I am a grown-up” starts developing. They become more rebellious and start preparing to take on the world on their own.

This is the time when you should connect with them more like a friend then being authoritative. There are many activities you can do together with your teens, and decorating their room is definitely one of them.

Here are a few home décor ideas you can do together!


This is a tedious task no doubt, but that’s the point. Working as a team with your teen can help strengthen the bond between the both of you.

Begin with picking the perfect wall paint colour for their room. Give your suggestions. To start with, see what kind of a person your teen is. If he/she is meek something subtle like tones of purple or yellow can be a good suggestion. These colours are known to make a positive impact in a teen’s development. If they are more open and bold in nature, red, orange and bolter tones of yellow will go well with their sparkling nature.

That said, listen to what they have to say. It helps them fell you are treating them as adults. Picking these initial bots of their room will make them feel more responsible and will reflect later in their behaviour.

It is better if you take-up the task of painting with them. It will make the feel like they have put in effort in building their room. However, if you are not up for the task, hire a professional. You could also follow the above mentioned selection process for wallpapers.


Once you are past the paint, it’s time for the embellishment. Furniture truly completes a room. Also remember a teen’s bedroom is their sanctuary. They spend most of their time home in there. The thumb rule here is to ask them first, as the room represents them and it is the only place where they can express themselves clearly.

Pick out the basics but let them choose. A simple wooden chair or sofa chair can be enough. Match it with a table and you are all set. Make sure the table can hold their computer and or gaming station along with their books. It will help them feel you are strict when it comes to education but cool and fun at the same time.

Don’t forget to draw out a plan before you get started as it helps in finalizing cost and furniture arrangements. It can also act as a guide for your teen and teach them how to organize.

If you already have a set of furniture, rearranging and creating a new look can be a fun task to do with your teen. It will be great to put your back into it and later celebrate with a meal at their favourite restaurant.


These are optional and vary according to your child. Here are some basics you can go with. A place for their achievements, no matter how big or small. Let them know you are proud and their every little achievement. You don’t need something huge, a small wall cabinet will do, mostly something with glass doors.

You could even use frames to commemorate the moments you have collected. Like their first painting, or a photo of when they lost their tooth, or when they won their first award. You could use gifts and toys in a way that they give the room an amazing look. Also, this will give the room a more personal feel. Sometimes a beautiful home décor is all about personalizing and keeping things simple and homely.

You could either shop for these things or go through your storage. Maybe have a DIY session together, spend more time with each other and create fun things.

Try these home décor ideas and spend some quality time with your teens. Make the most of summer with them.

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