Garage Door Company in Charlotte: What to Ask Before Choosing Your Door

If you’re around North Carolina and you find your garage door acting up, a more practical solution is to find someone who can do a garage door repair Charlotte NC. But if restoration isn’t possible, you may need to buy one soon.

Purchasing a new garage door can pose a bit of a challenge because it’s not something that you always do. Whether it’s your first or second time to purchase a garage door, a careful evaluation of your choices will help ensure your satisfaction.

Here are some questions to ask a garage door company when choosing a door:

Is it time to replace my garage door?

If you have an old wooden garage door, there’s a high chance that it has deteriorated over time. If you’ve had your metal door for decades now, it probably has dents and damages. Depending on the extent of the wear and tear in your garage door, replacing it may be called for.

If the door only has defective hardware like tracks or springs, consider having your garage door professionally repaired to extend its life and save you money. Ask the garage door company whether you’re in need of a replacement or if repair work would suffice.

What is the best material to use?

Once it’s been verified that you need a door replacement, or if you’re purchasing one for the first time, an important factor to consider is the garage door’s material. The usual door materials include metal and wood. Wooden doors are chosen for their natural and homey look while metal ones, whether aluminum or steel, offer low-maintenance choices. Ask the company about which materials their doors come in, and which is the best one for your setup.

What styles can I choose from?

Depending on the door company, garage door styles range from the traditional to carriage house, contemporary or customized. You can choose from other options depending on the paint, windows, and stain type. In choosing a particular garage door style, you may want to pick something that fits your home’s look and feel, your maintenance abilities, and your budget.

Should I consider an insulated garage door?

Insulated doors offer a more energy-efficient choice, which is particularly useful in colder places. You may need an insulated door depending on how you use your garage, whether it’s detached or attached to your house, and if the garage is heated or not.

If your garage is located below a bedroom, investing in an insulated garage may be useful in keeping cold air at bay. When your garage in uninsulated, this cold air can easily seep through leaks and cracks inside your home, increasing energy costs.

If you use the garage door for reasons other than for parking your vehicle, such as for storing things, an insulated door is particularly useful in keeping moisture and cold or very hot temperatures from damaging your things.

Do you provide warranties on your doors?

Before making a purchase, always consider the warranty that the garage door company offers. The warranty may differ among manufacturers, so it’s essential to understand upfront what is included in your warranty and for how long. Some warranties cover defective parts only for a short period of time, while others may come with a lifetime warranty, but only for the original owner. If necessary, you may have to purchase a separate warranty for your door.

Should I buy a garage door opener, too?

If you have a perfectly working garage door opener, buying a new one may not be required. However, you need to ensure that the new door doesn’t surpass the weight limit of the old door opener. If the new door is too heavy, you should purchase a new door opener, too. To avoid replacing a functional door opener, consider choosing a door of the same material as your old one.

For how long will a garage door last?

Depending on the kind of material and quality of its components, a 1.75-inch or 45-mm thick garage door insulated with polyurethane foam should last more than 20 years. A paint finish consisting of one primer coat topped with two baked-on coats should last around the same time if washed at least twice per year.

Which is better: two single doors or a double door?

Ask the garage door company whether it’s better to get two single doors or a double door for your garage. Having two single doors may give you the advantage of being able to open one of the doors in case the opening mechanism encounters a problem. Aside from functionality, you can also consider aesthetics for choosing one or the other.

How much will the door cost?

Of course, you have to ask the garage door company about the overall cost. This will naturally depend on a lot of factors, including the number of doors, insulation, and material. As an estimate, a high-quality metal single garage door with polyurethane foam insulation can cost around 1,000 USD. For the same size, a wooden door’s cost can vary from 750 to 4,000 USD depending on the wood quality, design, and finish.

Closing Thoughts

Whether you plan to replace your old door or buy your first one, it’s overwhelming to choose from several garage door options. Asking a garage door company questions can make the decision-making process more systematic to ensure that you don’t regret your final choice. Take notes when asking these questions if needed, and take your time before making a decision.



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