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Car Lovers

I recently had a friend asking me for tips on how to car take of his car that he bought last week. I took him to my garage intending to give him a live trip through the things that I do to keep my car in top-notch shape. As soon as he entered my garage, he was blown by the accessories that he found lying around.

He was quite eager to know more about them, and as I enlightened him about the various accessories that should have a place in every garage, I thought why not share the same with all the brothers and sisters across the world. And thus, here we are with an article with the best garage accessories for car lovers.

This will be a quick list of the ones that I have found particularly helpful. I will attach a brief explanation about them with occasional suggestions about where you can buy them.

Car Batteries and Charger

Cars batteries are an integral part of any car. It is extremely necessary to pick a battery with good sustainability; otherwise, you might yourself stuck in the middle of nowhere from time to time. If you are on the lookout for a good battery charger with air compressor, check out BestForDriver website for a wide range of choices. The car depends on the battery very much. If the battery is not good, enough then you will not enjoy your ridding. We often see that battery gets hot after a few miles of traveling; it is a big thing to notice. Whenever this type of situation comes, we should replace the battery with a new one. When the battery of the car gets down, one should immediately bring a full power and a good capacity of charging power. If we install a good battery for the car then our car will also be fine and will not harmful for any of the other parts of the car.


While taking care of your car, it is natural to have to work with oily stuff. This makes a good pair of gloves necessary to keep your hands from becoming a sticky mess. Gloves made out of materials like flex are sure to help you out with this issue. There are three types of car gloves such as fingerless gloves, cold weather gloves and traditional car gloves. We mostly use the traditional gloves for the car because it gives an outstanding look for the car. These traditional gloves are in between of the cold weather gloves and fingerless gloves. Most of the traditional gloves made out of the pure leather and they are very genuine and good for the car.


You absolutely cannot maintain a car without the proper toolkit. Using a car makes it inevitable that your car will break down one day, and unless you want to give away your hard-earned money to mechanics for every small thing that happens to your car, you should get yourself a toolkit and learn to do the basic stuff. Screwdrivers, hex keys, socket set, pliers, and duct tape are some of the must-haves in your toolkit. The toolkits may be small or may be big in the size but without the toolkit box, one will not able to maintain the problems of the car. Within this box, you will see many tools including all the sizes for the use of the car. Screw holder, wrenches, socket wrenches, combination and torque wrenches. Gauges like tire pressure, wire and taper feeler, compression. A car may run on the petrol or a good battery power but without a proper maintenance, the car will not give the best services of it for several years.



Ramps are an absolute necessity if you are considering customizing your car by yourself. Ramps are also useful when fixing cars. If you traveling to a long distance from your house then you should always carry this ramp kit for your favorite car because you do not have any idea where will be the car stop. There are three different types of car ramps, one can see in the market. The names of the car ramps are heavy duty, low profile and two-piece ramps. To up the car in the air the heavy ramps help. This ramp also helps in to clean the ground whenever you use the ramp kit for your car.

Tire Storage Racks

Placing your tires in a storage rack is a great idea unless you are cool with them rolling all over the place. You can buy some cool looking tire racks that will not only aid you with the storage but will also add a classy look to your garage. We often observe the storage racks in many colors available in the market. For the use of the garage, one can place the rack wherever he or she put the thing according to their wish. The small sized racks fit any of the place of the garage, on the other hand the big sized racks able to hold many tires within it.

Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum Cleaners

Although cleaning up is always the boring part of any task, it is very important to keep your workspace clean and tidy. This will help you in getting hold of the things you need easily without having to search all over the place. To have a dirt free garage one can also take the help of this vacuum cleaner to clean the floor after the cleaning process of the car. We cannot able to clean all the corner of a room but this vacuum cleaner can reach out to all the places where our hands are not able to reach. Thus, one should keep a vacuum cleaner in the garage.


This is another thing that might sound trivial but holds much importance in the actual setting. Garages are, by far, places with low light. Having a proper lighting system will help in creating a good workspace. Also, flashlights might come handy, especially when working under the car.


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