Five dangers of water leakage in the house you must know

water leaking under the sink

Water leakage can have serious repercussions, which is why it is important to fix this issue. Every year people spend millions of dollars’ worth money In correcting the damages that have been done due to water leakage. Water leaks happen now and then, but very few people take a note of it. Even the smallest leaks can cause massive damage to the house. The fact is water leaks shouldn’t be taken lightly and quickly fixed. If you are willing to look forward to home maintenance it is important to make sure you don’t overlook water leaks. Some of the possible damages of water leaks are:

   1. Health effects

Mold and mildew are two distinct problems which arise as a result of water leaks. The issue is they are harmful to the structural components of the building and also cause respiratory issues. So if you have asthma or breathing difficulty, your life will get in even more trouble because of this issue. Apart from that, mold is also known to cause severe skin diseases, skin irritations, nose inflammation and soreness. Many people also complain of having severe cough, intense sneezing and red eyes.

   2. Household water contamination

If your drinking water pipe comes directly from the main water pipe and starts leaking in the middle of nowhere, your drinking water will get contaminated even if it gets filtered. Furthermore, even a small leakage can cause massive contamination in the water pipes. In some houses, the problems get so severe that large particles start getting stuck in the filter causing even more damage. Later on, the leakage transitions into water changing color.

   3. Mold and mildew issues

If you have water leakage in the house, mold and mildew are the worst possible forms of problems which can stem in the house. They grow in wet and damp places, inhabiting a lot of bacteria and even insects. The places in the house which have a lot of moisture provide habitat to mold and mildew. Beginning with a few drops in the house, this problem can move on to infect walls, frames, floors, furniture, clothing, carpet etc. mold is notorious and expensive to curtail.

   4. Structural damage

This is the worst form of damage which can happen to the house in case of water leakages. Structural damage is very dangerous because there is even a chance of the building collapsing if the foundations are weak. People who have structural damages in the house have to pay millions of dollars to get it fixed and redo the wood deterioration, wall framing, rafters, wall pipes etc. if you have such an issue in your house you must check for a suitable plumber in your locality. For example if you write plumber Hamilton on google, it will display results close to that area.

   5. Financial damage

If you are already tight on your budget, water leaks will only add extra costs and give more stress. It is important to look for water leaks every month to make sure the house is safe. The potential dangers which have been described above cost a lot of money. The damages done to the ceiling, attic and walls are costly to resolve. Therefore you must fix these issues as soon as the symptoms start appearing.


It is important to check the entire house for any possible water leak in the house. People only pay attention to this problem after something serious has happened. Water leaks, if fixed at the right time, can save a lot of time and money.

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