Fitting a skirting board cover – Essential steps to follow

Home decor trends are always changing! Skirting boards are popular amongst homeowners today. However, few people don’t want to use skirting boards and want a smart alternative. The new age skirting board covers can do complete justice here. You can fit them quickly without taking out the original boards. You can install these boards on the original skirting board that minimizes chances of wall damage.

skirting board cover

It is easy to shop for covers for existing skirting boards online. But not many homeowners know how to use the same. The following steps can help:

   1. Make the cut-out marks

You have to start with the cut-out points. Make the necessary markings on the new board, taking the depth and height of the original skirting board. It will help you to come up with an authentic template of the board. You can either make use of a set square or a ruler for every marking.

   2. Cut it in a shape

After you have the exact design, take the handsaw to cut along the cut-out points. You will have a rectangular space that you can slot on the first skirting board.

   3. Secure the profile

You need to secure your skirting board cover. It is crucial to make sure that there’s no movement with the profile. You can pin the board through the present skirting profile as well as through the base to get the best fit.

   4. Arranging the scribe

Mark the first skirting board which you will keep beneath the overlapping board. It can overlap with the first board and can scribe the profile precisely. You need to take a Mitre saw and cut the board and take an angle of 45 degrees, as that’s the best way to go about it.

   5. Scribe cut

For this, you need to join the coping saw and chop the extra MDF. When you have a support bench, it is essential to minimize the strain when you make use of saws, to get an accurate cut on the board.

   6. Protect the cover

Here you need to opt-in for an adhesive and apply it at the back so that you can connect to the skirting board cover, both to the wall and the first board. The adhesive gets applied in these two places. It helps the cover to get connected in both areas in an even way.

These are some of the essential steps that you can opt-in to use the skirting board covers. If you want, you can seek professional help from a skirting board cover manufacturer. Sometimes, the DIY skirting board cover application guidelines are also helpful. However, you will need to have some idea before you opt-in for that.

However, here’s another essential suggestion you can count on. If you want extra security, just like the first board, you should add pins to the main profile and body. Also, any number of holes that appear from the pins can get covered easily using extra paint on the cover. This way, you can use the skirting board cover to make your room look its best and gain appreciation.


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