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Swimming pool

Pool owners must use pool covers to make their life easy. Pool covers keep pools clean when it is not in use during the winter months, and it reduces the enormous work of pool clean up and works needed to restart it. Although protecting pool water from debris accumulation seems to be the most prominent gain of installing Just pool covers, there are reasons of safety and cost-saving too that prompt pool owners to have their pools covered.  Pool covers decrease water loss due to evaporation, conserve the pool chemicals, allow for more efficient filtration, and improve heat retention. Also, the unique features of pool covers provide some additional benefits.

To choose the best pool cover, you must know the types of pool covers along with its pros and cons and this article should help you to gather information about it.

 Winter pool covers

Winter pool covers sit on the surface of the pool water and stay firmly in place secured by a series of water bags.  The cover made from non-permeable material looks like a giant trap and is highly efficient to keep off debris. But it cannot withstand too much weight like that of heavy rainfall or wandering animals.

Winter Pool Cover

Removing excess water from the top of the cover is the only maintenance you need to do with the help of buckets or a submersible pump. The highly affordable covers block UV rays and easy to install but has a short life span.

Solid pool covers

Solid pool covers look like mesh pool covers but made from some solid non-permeable material like vinyl and possess almost similar qualities of mesh covers. Water and snow collect on the top of the cover and does not pass into the pool water, and you need a submersible pump to remove it. The cover provides excellent insulation and protects water from UV exposure besides preventing very fine debris, rain, and snow from entering the pool.  However, the longevity of solid pool covers is limited.

Mesh pool covers

Mesh pool covers are truly unique and last almost double than winter pool covers. It can support the heavier load when installed correctly with the help of durable, heavy-duty anchors. It performs the primary task of shielding all debris that can make the pool water dirty. The tightly woven fibres of the cover material allow draining of water and snow without any extra effort. The lightweight gives it an edge over other types of covers, although it is expensive.

Automatic pool covers

All types of solid, mesh and hybrid pool covers are available with an automatic mechanism and convey the benefits of the material used for making it. Automatic covers that run on two tracks operate by itself, and its installation does not require any water bags and anchors, and even there is no need of lifting the cover.  Just press a button to cover the pool or retract the cover according to your requirement.

First, you must choose the type of cover that matches your budget and needs and then think about automating it.


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