Falling asleep while sitting on the chair? Try these 5 life hacks

Falling asleep while sitting on chair_

In this fast moving world our life has become so hectic and restless that we cannot get enough time to look at ourselves. We don’t care much about our health. Money and work have become the most important thing in our lives. We don’t get enough sleep so that our body and mind function effectively and this results in various health problems.

While working in our workplaces we often feel sleepy and used to take a short nap on a chair. But many times, you might have encountered the situations of falling asleep while sitting on chair which becomes a matter of embarrassment for that person who falls down from his chair while sleeping.

Here are five hacks you should try to avoid this situation:

  1. Eat snacks

If you are feeling sleepy and don’t want to take a little power nap then eat some foods like nuts, whole grains, eggs, fresh juice, etc. these foods will give you energy to do your work and will keep you charged.

  1.  Splash cold water on your face

If you have an important meeting or a presentation and you are feeling sleepy then quickly rush to the bathroom and Splash cold water on your face. Splashing cold water will give you a jolt and will wake you up super quickly.

  1. Get an ergonomic office chair

Ergonomic office chairs are specially designed to reduce the pressure from the several nerves of our spinal cord. It corrects the body posture and gives you comfort while working. It is one of the best chairs recommended by various experts for people falling asleep while sitting on chair. You can buy this chair for your office work or for your study and can reduce the back pain you feel on normal chairs while sitting for a long time. Checkout Republic Lab to know the best suitable ergonomic chair for you along with its pricing and specification.

There is also the option to actually want to fall asleep in the office. As astonishing as it may sound, many workplaces around the world encourage their employees to take a nap during work time. If you have a home office, the more you should get a more comfortable type of chair such as the lift chair. You can view many models online. Get yours, and have an invigorating short sleep at work to get your creative juices flowing again.

lift chair

  1. Focus on something enjoyable

While performing a task or doing some important office work your mind needs a floor to carry on that work. If you are not feeling that work enjoyable then you will fail to put your 100 percent efficiency into that work. You will feel lazy and sleepy and will not find anything interesting in that particular task.

So, be active and avoid sleeping at work find something interesting, do that work which you feel enjoyable and focus on that. By doing this your work efficiency and body energy to complete that work will dramatically increase.

  1. Get moving

You cannot sleep while moving. If you are feeling sleepy then move out for some time and get some fresh air, chat with your colleagues. Getting away for a few minutes will not affect your work performance at all. It will help you in getting charged towards your work with more positive energy. Once you come back refreshed you will be more productive and efficient towards your work.


It’s okay if you feel asleep at your workplace; it happens because of your unhealthy lifestyle. Proper sleep is very much essential for the proper functioning of body and mind. These hacks will prevent you from falling asleep but make your body charged and effectively functioning you will have to get proper sleep. These short tricks will help you for a short duration of time and will not go for a long-term solution.

A proper balance diet with good amount of drinking water will help you get a better sleep. If you work all day very effectively, at the end of the day, your body will get tired and you will automatically fall asleep get up next day with more positive energy to cheer your work and life.

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