Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Vacuum for Hardwood Floors

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Every homeowner would always want to keep the beauty, elegance and cleanliness at home. They are too meticulous when it comes to the cleaning supplies as well as the machines used on the floor tiles. In my opinion, the homeowners are very particular, especially when they have hardwood flooring. Well, let’s say that it is just normal to consider the floor material because it is very important to choose the best vacuum for hardwood floors and so with other types of flooring.

I supposed, you are aware that vacuum cleaners are specifically designed for different types of flooring. This only means that what you usually use with your carpet may not be good enough for hardwood. These vacuums may differ in functions and purpose, too. That’s why, should at least learn how and what type of vacuum is best for your flooring. You have to do this to prevent it from scratches or damages and to maintain the natural look of the floor. You will only achieve this by using the appropriate cleaning machine.

Anyway, this achievement will be more possible, when the vacuum cleaner that you would like to use at home is specifically designed to clean a hardwood flooring. By the way, choosing may need expertise, too. You can’t just go to the shop and pick one that you like most. There are also a few factors that must be greatly considered here and these are the things that you have to keep in mind. It may sound and look quite easy, but again, you have to acquire a few tips, which will help you to choose the best one. Check out Vacuum for Hardwood Floors reviews at rightpicknow.com for more information before buying.


You have to be very meticulous when checking the brush of the vacuum because wrong choices may lead to scratches on the hardwood floor. This is what you need to avoid to keep the floor looking clean and to maintain its value as well.

If you are going to check the brush properly, then you will notice that it usually comes with thick bristles. This is fine, though, you have to make sure that this won’t be the beater type because this won’t work well for your hardwood flooring.

Keep in mind that beater brushed are specifically designed for carpet cleaning. This means that the carpet fiber and the hardwood have different surfaces. Now, to avoid disappointments, you better exclude the beater brush.


Sometimes, you have to look for the additional features that can be very helpful in maintaining the quality of the flooring’s surface as well as in avoiding scratches. One of the features that should be looking after is the padding.

If possible, choose the ones that are designed with a padding made of felt stripe or a rubber. These materials are the best features that every vacuum cleaner must have because it will assure you that accidental scratches will not or may rarely happen.

Suction Power

It is very important for a vacuum cleaner to have a suction power that is relatively strong, since the surface is made of a hardwood type of flooring. With your type of flooring, you cannot avoid having spaces in between the tiles. This is where dirt and grains stick. Actually, you cannot remove it by simply using a broom.

This is where the vacuum cleaner helps, but it must have strong suction power to make sure that the debris will be completely removed. I guess, this reason is good enough to consider, when choosing the best vacuum cleaner for hardwood.



Another factor that you should greatly consider is the lightweight materials, yet strong and durable, too. Pretty sure that most of you have big rooms or homes to clean. You will have to carry the cleaner from one room to another, right?

Therefore, it is also important that should be made of lightweight materials for your ease and comfort of moving and using it for cleaning. Sometimes, you need more time to clean the entire house and carrying it around will make you feel tired more than using the vacuum cleaner. So, I guess, it would be right to be lightweight.


Depending on your personal preference, you may choose the ones with the cord or the cordless vacuum cleaner. For individuals, who have more space to clean and the compact ones, they prefer the cordless because they find it more convenient, especially they can move freely without the cord.

For a vacuum cleaner with a cord, you can only maximize using it, depending on its length and how much space you have to clean. Well, if you prefer this, then I suggest you to prepare wire extension for you to plug it. Though this may bring discomfort and not always safe. So, you should just consider, which one is safe and comfortable for your cleaning needs.




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