Factors Affecting the Cost of a Good Mattress

What Factors Affect The Cost of a Mattress

Having a good, high-quality mattress is everyone’s desire. However, you don’t just walk into the market and buy the mattress without a prior research.  There are an array of features that should be considered when picking the right mattress. From longevity to comfort, they all play a unique role in mattress selection process. Understanding each feature is important to understand how they impact your sleep and overall health before finalizing your purchase decision. Some  Outlined below are such factors:

Coil count

Micro coils are designed to be used in the comfort layer of the mattress.  They are the source of support for standard innerspring mattresses. Research has proved that mattresses with more micro-coils are more durable because of their resiliency, making them more comfortable for a long time. Spring mattresses offer firmer support making it easier to get in and out of. This makes them comfortable for almost everyone.


A good mattress should last for at least six to eight years. The durability of a mattress is determined by the quality of its ingredients and construction. Mattresses made from micro coils have proven to last longer. You can tell the strength of a mattress by just sinking your hand on to its surface or sitting on it. A sturdy one will not lose its equally apparent comfort.

Edge support

The edges of the mattresses should be made with more coils or firm foams to offer the support you need and prevent you from sliding off the bed while seated, for example, when you want to tie your shoelaces or have a brief conversation.


Firmness relates to how comfortable a mattress feels initially. Take into consideration your hips, shoulders, and spine. It should give support while keeping your spine properly aligned. A mattress that is too firm does not provide relief for pressure points when you lay down whereas a mattress that is too soft will make your body to sink thus making it difficult to change positions. It is then advisable to take your time and test to determine which level of firmness best works for you.

Temperature regulation

One of the key things in a good night sleep is a mattress that regulates the temperature. This is determined by the various fillings of the mattress. For example, mattress toppers that use latex or foam can hold body heat making your sleep hot. To avoid this, they infuse a gel in a foam layer to enable the mattress to breathe better. You should determine which of the mattresses best works for you.

Like most of us know that memory foam heats up when you sleep on it, so an option that has a memory foam infused in gel just like the lull mattress solves the heating issues too. Be sure to check out the lull mattress prices with different providers before buying from a single vendor. It is one of the most budgeted mattresses with all the features in it  since it is deployed directly from the factory to the consumer making it almost four times cheaper than the rest. It creates a perfect balance of comfort and support and comes with a lot of features at that price.

Types of mattress

The type of mattress a person needs varies upon personal preference. There are various types of mattresses to choose from. The manufacturers are looking for unique ways to fabricate a comfortable mattress to suit unique needs.  For example, the memory foam which is termed to be sleeping hot, latex foam which is best known for its comfort, great responsiveness, bounce and cooling, and hybrid mattress which are constructed through a combination of memory and latex foam, coils, and other materials. Before you make a purchase, understand the mattress that will suit your needs and offer you maximum comfort!

Do you want to get your hands on the best mattress in the market? Well, the above features will help you in making the right decisions. It is good to conduct brief research online before buying as this helps you stay in the loop and get the best quality at an incredible price


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