Expert Tips to Create A Modern Living Room with A Minimalist Feel

Tips to Create A minimalist Living Room

When you think of a modern minimalist living room, you think of a few art pieces on the wall, zero-bright colors, contemporary furniture, and gleaming white interiors. Most people generally have the same image when they think of minimalism; however, this is not always the case when it comes to minimalist living rooms.

Apart from decorating your home in a particular style and covering your furniture in white fabrics, a minimalist feel to your living room can be achieved by minimizing physical clutter. Getting to the core of life essentials, you want to create conducive mental energy.

Think About Scale

When it comes to simplicity in the living room, scale is an essential element to think about. Decorating your space with many small items does not make your area look simplistic but instead looks cluttered and cramped. Adding large pieces of furniture with a few small things will complement each other well and create a minimalist feel to your space.

Picking an L-shaped couch fills up the room enough while leaving an open space for items like a modern desk for those who work from home lately. Keep the scale of your room in mind when placing various pieces of furniture; the aim is to keep an open feel.


Decluttering is the first step before starting with any work when creating your ideal minimalist living room. Remember, the less is more mantra is essential, and having less stuff in the room is the whole point of creating simplicity. Try to remove all unnecessary decor, and if you have a ton of small art pieces or accessories, start getting rid of those first. Go around the room, and only keep essential items in that space, and remove anything you can live without.

Parting with some of the stuff may be challenging but necessary to transition into a simpler living room space. Although it may be tough to choose what stays and what goes, remember you do not have to get rid of everything at once; take your time and stow the items for future use or rotation.

Install Floating Shelves

install floating shelves for minimalist feel

Get rid of the old and clunky regular shelf in your living room, introduce a more modern and organized floating shelf. There are a few ways to best utilize a floating shelf, like placing knick-knacks, a plant or two, or an organized set of your books. A floating shelf in the living room instantly brings out a cleaner, brighter, and a more contemporary feel. Remember, a floating shelf is not a storage compartment or cupboard; stow any random items out of sight.

Natural Feel

One of the best ways to achieve a natural feel in the living is bringing the outside inside. A clean and fresh look can be created by adding a few living plants, getting a green element. Fill up a neutral color planter or a chic glass jar with a bright green house plant and place it somewhere in the corner of your living room. Numerous plants could work well in your space, depending on the amount of sunlight let inside.

People like modern minimalism in their homes. Why is so?

There are many reasons why people fell in love with modern minimalism, and uncluttered space is one. Details on the main benefits of this style come next:

Improves health

When you live in a minimalist home, you have the time, and ability to focus on your health, exercise more, improve your diet, get a good sleep, and reduce your stress level. Living in a clutter-free space decreases the amount of dirt and dust that build up around your stuff too.

Effortless upkeep

More often than not, we have to spend hours cleaning the houses. With a minimalist home, cleaning is a breeze. You have fewer things to put in order and clean.

It’s aesthetical appealing

When you choose a minimalist décor, you get to show off your stunning furniture, most valuable possessions, and artwork. A minimalist home will make the space look better and highlight your décor elements.

Financial freedom

With minimalism, you no longer spend your money on long-time and complicated renovation projects. You focus on simple and highly functional projects that will last for years.

Bring minimalism in your home—here are the rules to follow!

As with everything in life, you should follow the principles that work best for your personality, space, and budget. Try to stick to most of them so that you create a genuinely modern minimalist home.

Bring minimalism in your home—here are the rules to follow!

Always opt for less

With modern minimalism, the “less is more” rule is crucial. You have to keep every space in its unadorned state and decorate with intention. Designing in a modern minimalist style requires attention to the most minute detail; you will need to arrange your pieces several times until you get it right.

Smartly use the storage space

Minimalists don’t show many items, but that doesn’t mean they have let go of necessities and belongings. However, in a modern minimalist home, storage space is maximized and leaves the space almost empty.

Give it a personal feel

Even if you go with minimalist style, you can still give it a personal touch. Most beautiful modern minimalist homes speak of owners’ personalities. The layout of the space, the furniture, the rugs—they can all say something about you. You can still add items with intimate meaning, such as large photographs of your children or your collection of memorabilia from your trips around the world.

Go with clean lines

Bare walls, clean lines, and a clear benchtop are crucial in a modern minimalist home. There’s no more clutter and you have all that free space to enjoy. You can add minimal artwork on your walls, but remove stacks of magazines, piles of papers, and an eclectic collection of miscellaneous.

Choose quality over quantity

You have a sense of luxury when you go into a modern minimalist home. It’s because homeowners turn to classic pieces that never go out of style. Large furniture pieces, luxury bedding, and cushions, all the decorative items remind of high-end décor, beautiful in its simplicity.

Play with texture

There’s a risk of the modern minimalist décor feeling cold or bland. Avoid that risk by adding texture to your home with materials and fabrics. Your home will feel cozier and warm and the space will gain value.

Simplify your space

Getting rid of clutter is essential in a modern minimalist home and you should follow our suggestions to free up your space.

Simplify your space

Get inspired

Nowadays, it’s so easy to get inspiration; there are so many images of minimalist homes out there to check out. Pay attention to the textures, styles for the furniture, color palette, and the house’s feel. It’s an excellent place to start when decorating your home.

Pay attention to you

Now it’s an excellent time to examine your lifestyle. What are your day-to-day activities at home? Where do you keep your conversations at home? What are the things that you are barely using at home? The more thought you give into your lifestyle, the easier it will be to create the modern minimalist style you wish.

Manage one room at a time

Removing clutter in a home is more challenging than you think. You don’t want to be overwhelmed by trying to de-clutter the whole house in just one day. We recommend you take each room at a time. Don’t go to another room until you haven’t finished the previous one.

Everything should have its place

With minimalist décor, each and every single thing you use has a purpose. Every object has a meaning and you need to put it back in place after each use. If you run into something that you don’t use, you should throw it away. Don’t forget that, with modern minimalism, it’s about quality and not quantity! If you find it difficult to part ways with some things, you should at least find storage solutions that don’t clutter the space!

Clear the surfaces

Just because you have a hook on the wall doesn’t mean that you should hang some artwork. If that’s the case, you should take it down and curate the artwork. It’s the same principle for surfaces in your home. Hide/remove/store the magazines, put the bills in a box, and try to leave mantles and sideboards clutter-free.

Re-think your furniture

Furniture takes a lot of your space, and you should see which pieces are helpful to you and which aren’t. Do you have furniture that only collects dust? Do the furniture pieces match the neutral color palette of modern minimalism? Look for pieces that serve a purpose and also give you storage options. A coffee table can also work as a storage space for some bills if picked right.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is modern minimalist style?

Minimalism’s roots are in the art movement in the 60s and it expanded into architectural aesthetic and design. Similar to modern interior design, modern minimalist style relates to neutral colors, simplicity, and clean lines. It’s about using the bare essentials to obtain uncluttered and simple space.

Are there decorations with minimalism?

Just because you opt for a minimalist design in your home doesn’t mean you cannot use decorations and bright colors. However, you need to use decorative items as accents and keep the number to a minimum.

Why do people choose modern minimalism design?

One of the most important benefits of modern minimalist design is creating a peaceful and calm environment. A room filled with many things can feel clattered, whereas a space with minimalist design will seem filled with air and invite to tranquility.

What is boho minimalist?

When creating a boho-styled home that is modern and minimalist, the most important thing is to use the color palette. Keep the décor to neutrals for bedding, décor, and furnishings. You can add a pop of greenery, a dark blue pillow, and anything similar to draw attention and make it boho minimalist.

Do people still use modern minimalism?

Modern minimalism is slowly going out of style, as people prefer eclectic, collected, and more layered spaces. In the last couple of years, we had to engage in many activities at home and even work from home. Keeping it to a minimalist style has become difficult for this very reason.

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