Ensuring Your Home is Warm and Cozy for the Winter

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Fall is the favorite season of all for most Americans, reports YouGov, owing to the cool and pleasant climate, but only 7% of people surveyed cite winter as the best season of all. Cold winds, snow, and ice can make early mornings more difficult to face, and of course, shoveling snow adds hard work to one’s daily tasks. If you are enjoying the perfect blend of sunny days and cool nights that autumn has to offer, it may be time to ensure your house is 100% ready for the upcoming winter. These are a few tips to ensure that your home is cozier than ever in the festive season.

Checking Your Water Heating System

Your heating system should be well maintained to ensure you don’t experience breakdowns in the middle of the winter season, when maintenance staff may be busy attending to several homes and you may be subjected to long waits. If your unit is leaking or it simply isn’t heating water as much as it should, then calling an experienced water heater repair and maintenance team is key. As some of the best plumbers in Indianapolis report, the average price of fixing a water heater is around $500 and you may also need to pay for parts that need to be replaced (a broken thermostat, for instance, will cost around $150 to replace). On the whole, you should consider whether repairing or buying a new heater will be more cost-effective, since repair and maintenance could cost more than you bargained for if various parts need to be replaced.

Air Conditioning and Underfloor Heating Maintenance

You should ensure that your air conditioning system is leak-free and that it is providing good heating to all required rooms. If you have underfloor heating, check from problems such as single zones not heating up at all or the heating system not turning off at all. Problems could include sticky pin valves underneath actuators, or electrical problems related to the thermostat or wiring board. If the issue is electrical, then call a qualified electrician to check all circuits.

Crucial Sealing Work and Insulation

Some parts of your home need to be sealed to protect them against the harsh winter weather. These include paint, wood trims, decks, and patios. Check concrete surfaces for cracks, sealing any you find to stop water from trickling in and eventually hardening and making the cracks bigger. You should also check form cracks along basement floors and walls. Finally, make sure to insulate outlets and switches on walls – both interior and exterior.
Winter is a wonderful season for those who like to relax by the fireplace with a good book, and those who like to Netflix and chill with their loved ones. To ensure you are warm and cosy throughout the season, attend to key factors such as heating, air conditioning, sealing, and insulation. Don’t forget to check your roof, as well, making sure that all shingles, valleys, gutters, and sealants  are in perfect condition.

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