Effective Tips On How To Look For House Sitters For Your Pets

One of the first steps in having a successful house sitting experience is to search for the best platform. However, if you don’t have the idea of the qualities to look for, selecting a site among the various platforms can be challenging. This is true if you are a first timer. Thus, here are some tips on how to look for good sitters for your pets:

Create an Account with a Good House Sitting Site

a Good House Sitting

Homeowners must create an account with a house sitting website so they can connect you with sitters. There are websites that allow a prospective client to view the sitter’s profile without joining. Now there is a growing trend among the house sitting websites that charge client to register. This ensures that the client can have the quality service they expect for looking after their pets.

One tip that you can try is to register on more than one house sitting website. In one website, you can find hundreds of house sitters for your pets. With this, you can have lots of option for your need.

Place An Advertisement

It is essential as a homeowner to give the house sitters with enough information as much as possible about the house sitting job that you have. Make sure to post photos of your pets and home. With vague and short ads, you can waste your precious time sorting through various applications from interested sitters. With more information you provide, you can find the potential house sitters for you. This means that you can save your time and you save them theirs too.

In placing an advertisement, make sure that you indicate the type of home and its location. List the special considerations that you have at home, such as, if your home is slippery when or when the driveway is steep. Put the kind of pets you have and specify their age and breed. Also, see to it that you identify the sitter’s accommodation arrangement. Indicate the number of house sitting jobs that you are looking for. Finally, put your expectations for the job that you have.

Remember, it is your responsibility to do the listing. Bad experiences can happen whenever the house sitters show at your house and the things that they do are not the same as what you have described in the advertisement. By being honest and open, you will be setting yourself up for an awesome house sitting experience.

Make a Contract

If you are not sure what questions to ask your prospective house sitters, you can start with drafting a written agreement. If you implement it, it will help you identify clear expectations which will protect you and the house sitters from any miscommunications.

With the written contract, it will encourage you to consider everything inside your house. This will include having home security, garden maintenance, pet care, and emergency contacts. You will now have a great starting point so you won’t miss any questions along the hiring process.

Ask Questions

Effective Tips On How To Look For House Sitters For Your Pets

Indeed, no similar house-sitting jobs are created equal. It is important for you to be open with your house sitter so there will be no surprises. This can be achieved by having an exchange of emails or doing a Skype interview.

Fair Finances

Some house sitting gigs pay well while some do not. Some homeowners ask the house sitters to provide their own car and pay for utilities while others will provide a stipend for this.

Remember, every house sitting gig is different. House sitter only agrees to something they are comfortable working with. House-sitting must be a beneficial exchange to both of the homeowner and client. It must be a win-win for both the parties.

Shortlist the House Sitters

Spend some time in dealing with the first batch of applicants. Don’t post your ad and then wait for a few days for any response. Doing so will leave you with overwhelming applications and give you unnecessary work since you need to reply to each applicant. It must not take long to quickly choose three to four applicants from trusted house sitters australia who meet your requirements. Trust your instincts. Select people who you feel good working with. Then, contact your selected house sitters immediately. With this, they can secure their services to you.

Be Flexible

Be flexible with the expectations that you have with your house sitters. Manage these things so you can increase your chance of hiring a good house sitter. Be ready to roll up your sleeves and talk with house sitters so both of you can enjoy the experience.

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