5 Eco-Friendly Lighting Tips for Homeowners

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Sydney is bustling with tourist attractions and lively nightlife. The city is filled with beautiful wildlife and parks to visit, shopping centres, and a plethora of options for enjoying good music, breathtaking artwork, and mouth-watering food. It is safe to say that there is not a dull day in this city. However, despite its perks, living in Australia’s most densely inhabited city also has its challenges. Rent and utility bills can also be quite costly when you live in Sydney, Australia.

If you have plans to move to Sydney, don’t be discouraged. Opting for eco-friendly or green power to substitute your home’s electricity is one right way to cut your daily expenses. There are several electrical services in Sydney offering sustainable energy alternatives to dozens of household owners.

Eco-friendly lighting (also called green light) uses less energy and is known to last longer than traditional lighting systems. Green lighting also leaves significantly less waste and emits less heat.

There are several different ways homeowners in Sydney can adapt eco-friendly lighting into their humble abode

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One of the best things about going green is the growing number of options that people can choose from. Eco-friendly light is relatively easy to install with the help of electrical services in Sydney. It will also take a long time before green-powered light bulbs need to be replaced.

If you are fairly new to replacing traditional, energy-consuming electrical or lighting systems, below are helpful and straightforward tips that will guide you on your journey towards illuminating your home with a more ecological power source:

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  1. Green lighting isn’t limited to light bulbs— Instead of buying a new bulb, why not try putting your creativity and resourcefulness to good use? You can recycle used materials such as plastic, copper, old photo slides, metal, and glass to create your personalised solar jars and desk lamps. Not only are you able to save more money, but you are also able to reduce clutter in your home.  
  2. Sustainable energy can be generated from natural resources— You can install solar panels to cut down your use of electricity, especially during day time. You can ask your local electrical service provider for other eco-friendly alternatives that you can incorporate in your existing lighting systems. Other sources of ecological power include biogas and wind.
  3. Go white and go bright— Aside from DIY lamps and CFL light bulbs, customising the interior of your home also plays a significant role in diminishing the amount of electricity you consume. Opt to paint your walls white, or modify your ceilings and floors with reflective materials such as linoleum and polished concrete.
  4. Take advantage of technology— Ecological energy sources paired with technology can be in the form of smart lighting. Smart lighting systems and smart lamps can be linked to your smartphones. It enables you to adjust the brightness in your room to your liking and set a schedule so your lightbulbs automatically turn off during the day or when you are outside your home.
  5. Make the sun your friend— These days, residential spaces are carefully designed to allow more natural light to enter. Whether it is by building glass walls and ceilings or strategically placing windows and areas of ventilation, using natural light diminishes the number of light bulbs you need to use to brighten up your home.

Eco-friendly energy and lighting sources are gradually becoming more prevalent among electrical services in Sydney. Check with your local electricians and discover other ways on how you can save more on your electricity bill while contributing to preserving the environment.

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