Does it Take an Air Purifier Long to Clean a Room?

how long for Air Purifier to Clean Room

Have you recently bought an air purifier? If that’s the case, are you wondering how long it will take for the air cleaner to clean your room?

When you buy your first air purifier, there is an unexplainable joy, and all you want is to get home, unpack it, start it and enjoy the fresh air. But how long does it take for the purifier to purify the air in your room? Should you expect instant results?

When you buy an air purifier, you can expect to start seeing results within 45 to three hours, depending on various factors.

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What factors affect the duration the cleaner takes to clean a room?

The power setting

Air purifiers come with the highest power setting, which you need to understand, especially on your first day using the air purifier.

With the high-power settings, the purifier makes it possible for you to regulate the power and, eventually, the cleaner’s capabilities.

For instance, if you take the power settings a notch down to the lower settings, you take down the air purifier’s capabilities.

How fast the air cleaner cleans

When you buy an air purifier, it comes with a certain number known as ACH. The number refers to the rate of air changes per hour.

If you want to test how long it will take for the air purifier to clean the air in your room, look for the ACH. The number indicates how many times the same air can pass through the cleaner in an hour and be cleaned.

An effective air purifier should allow air to pass through in a room for about 4 to 5 minutes. That means the same air should pass through the air purifier after 12 to 15 minutes for effective purification.

An average air purifier will allow air to pass through 3 times per hour, once every 20 minutes. The air inside the house is mostly polluted. Thus, it would be best to have an air purifier with a high rate of air changes. If a purifier takes an hour to cycle the air in the room, it won’t be useful in the job.

Clean air delivery rate

How far does your air purifier clean the air?

Getting an air purifier with a fast rate of air exchange per hour is an excellent idea. But is it effective in cleaning the air in the whole room?

Before you can buy the air purifier you saw in an online store, it’s essential to know the air volume that can pass through and how far it can reach.

If you want to know how far the air purifier can reach, look for the CADR rating, the clean air delivery rate.

The CADR is the test that shows how many cubic feet the air purifier should cover for it to clean 80% of the air in the room.

Should you trust the CADR?

The CADR is a standardized and independent test, which makes it believable. However, it’s good to be careful as not all the air purifier labels about the distance in cubic meters the air can cover are correct.

What the air purifier cleans   

Another factor determining how long it will take for the air purifier to clean the air in your room is the type of filters that the purifier comes with.

Assuming you’ve found an air purifier that allows the air to cycle after every 15 minutes to ensure an effective air cleaning. The air purifier also can cover more cubic meters in the room.

But is the air purifier effective in cleaning the air pollutants in the room?

The air purifier’s ability to clean out various particles in the room depends on the air filters it comes with. Just because the air filter can cover most of the room or allow more air cycles doesn’t mean it can clean it all.

Most average air purifiers come with air filters that can remove medium and large particles such as dust. But what about the fine particles such as small mold spores, gases, bacteria, viruses, among others.

The best air purifier should offer effective purification of even the fine particles.


Perhaps you wonder how long it will take for an air purifier to purify the air in your room. The duration will depend on various factors including the type of purifiers and the ACH. As you plan on buying an air purifier, ensure you get value for your money by ensuring it is effective in its work.

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