DIY design project of glass window shelves for home decor

Diy Project

Glass window shelves can be used to add a fun element to any corner in a home or office where storage space or a decorative corner is needed.

The best thing about window shelves made of glass

Some examples of how a series of glass shelves can be used are:

  • Freestanding in the kitchen for spices or in the pantry
  • in a small bathroom in the absence of vanity for extra storage
  • behind a bar area as a display for interesting bottles and glasses
  • Portable glass window shelves on a frame, making it easy to move around the home where they are required

The way you design the glass shelves unit can be very effective to the overall ambiance of your home and if you are aiming for a modern touch, then you may want to make them asymmetrical. Then again, uniform lengths give a clean look to the area. A closet in a master bedroom can be both functional and luxurious with glass shelves that display bags and other accessories, making them easy to find and giving the closet a boutique-like effect.

Diy Project 1

If you are looking for a DIY project to install glass shelves somewhere in your home, it is a relatively easy project, especially if you have the glass cut for you by your nearest glass fitting shop. You will need two sets of hands and we have included the instructions for two shelves between kitchen cabinets or free-standing shelves anywhere you wish to place them in your home. Whether you are making one or the other option, you can install as many glass shelves, as you require.

Tools and material required to design glass window shelves

  • 3/16-inch tempered glass (this is the strongest for shelving and best option for shelving)
  • Quarter round molding for between cabinets or brackets for free-standing glass shelves
  • Level
  • Hammer

For the glass shelves between the cabinets you will also need:

  • Matching paints, for the surrounding areas
  • 1 medium-sized paintbrush, for touching up
  • Painters tape, for securing
  • Level, for ensuring shelves are straight
  • Drill, and its bits
  • Nails for wood that are 1.25” long, 1 packet
  • Nail set, for finishing off
  • Some wood putty or some caulk
  • Wood shim or a few flat toothpicks

Steps to design glass window shelves -DIY

1. You first need to measure the area where you want to install the glass window shelves. That will be both the width and depth measurements; and if you are placing the shelves between cabinets or walls you will need to minus 0.25” from the width measurement.

You need to take measurements so that your glass manufacturer will cut out the number of shelves accordingly. The best glass to serve the purpose is 3/16” tempered glass because it is the safest for shelves.

Diy Project 2

2. The next step is to cut the quarter round molding if the shelves are going to be attached between a wooden cabinet. If you are placing two shelves then you must cut 8 lengths of the quarter round. Four are used for each shelf.

If you are using glass brackets, they need to be installed at the correct distance for the glass pieces that you have ordered. The brackets usually come in a kit that includes the anchors and screws. If not, make sure that you have bought the right ones for the job.

3. The quarter round molding for the cabinets needs to be primed and painted to the matching colors of the cabinets where it is to be attached.

Diy Project 3

4. Determine and mark the height for each glass shelf and draw the lines with the level on one side of the cabinets.

5. Pre-drill the holes for the brackets into the wall and push in the anchors by tapping them with a hammer. If you are making the design for the wooden cabinets, pre-drill three holes into the quarter round that is to be attached to the wood. Make sure that they are the size of the nails to be used.

Diy Project 4

6. If using brackets, you can now screw the one side in place. For the quarter round, you can attach it with painters’ tape, ensure that the flat edge is facing up so that it can support the glass. Use the pre drilled holes to gently nail in the finish nails on the first side of the required shelf supports.

Diy Project 5

7. Now is the time to call for help. The one glass shelf must be placed on the finished bracket or support and your assistant will have to hold it so that it can be leveled by you.

8. Mark the underside of the glass and double-check all the way into the recess that the glass is level for both types of glass window shelves designs.

9. The glass can now be placed to the side as you complete installing the rest of the brackets or quarter round.

10. Once again, the first step is to pre-drill the holes in the wall or quarter round strips.

11. If you are installing glass shelves on brackets, you are now ready to place the glass shelves onto the installed brackets. If the brackets have a notch, you will need to fit the glass into the notches. At this point, if you use quarter rounds you will need to place the glass window shelves onto the bottom quarter rounds, and you must set wood shims or toothpicks on top of the shelves, against the cabinets on both ends.

12. The top quarter rounds are now placed on top of the shims, giving you a slight space between the glass and quarter round. The quarter rounds can now be taped into place and the glass shelves and shims removed.

13. The final quarter rounds can be nailed in place. With a nail set, the nails must be countersunk below the wood surface and the holes must be filled with caulk or wood putty and touched up with the paint.

Diy Project 7

14. The glass shelves can be placed once the paint has dried. The shelves should slide easily between the quarter round supports and not be tight.

Your beautifully designed shelves are now ready to put for use!




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