Different Types of Natural Stone Pavers You Can Go For

different types of stone to use for pavers

Flooring can be a tough job especially when you do not know what kind of flooring would best suit your outdoors. However, when it comes to professionals who follow and also set the trend in outdoor design, natural stone pavers are some of the most in items that most people are using for designing. They not only look a lot natural and durable but also provide a more serene and relaxed look to the outdoors. Since they are timeless, they can keep the flooring outdoors attractive for a long period. It is why they are so highly valued by professional designers. Since they are cut or shaped in quarries and not in molds like the factories, they are made in various sizes, with no piece matching the other one, which gives them a lot of texture, color and adds to the overall look. Now, if you are looking to install one in your outdoors then you should know about the different types available in the market. Here is the list of a few of them which are some of the most used as natural stone pavers.


Cobblestones are mainly used for paving streets and are mostly round in shape. These are natural stones that are made of granite, marble, and limestone, and used for pavements. They provide a very rustic look to the area and are very tough and durable. Also, since they are available in a lot of different sizes and colors, you will have a lot of options to choose from.

CobbleStone pavement

Slate pavers

Slate pavers can be mostly found in the warmer areas due to their warmer color tone and are available in colors like gray, blue, light purple, dark red, and brown shades. Since they are more prone to cracks due to cold temperatures, they are not used in areas that receive a lot of snowfall. However, it has anti-skid properties which makes it a very good option to be used on the edges of the pool and in rainy areas.


Natural stones from Remastone Stone Pavers like feldspathic sandstone, basalt, slate, limestone, and dolerite are also called blue stones. These are rocks that are formed due to volcanic activity and have all the properties of the same. They have the ability to handle multiple types of wear and tear and are really tough as well. These stones are also rugged and anti-slippery, due to which it is widely used in designing outdoors. They also provide a very rustic look to the area.

sandstone paver


When it comes to natural stone pavers, sandstone is practically one of the most beautiful and also one of the most popularly used in outdoor design. It is also one of the topmost picks by professional designers. It comes in colors like pink, brown, yellow, black, and gray, but also vulnerable to scratches and stains due to its grainy texture. They are easy to install and can be cut into any measurement easily. However, one needs to make sure that it is not used in areas where it is in contact with water, like swimming pools.


It is another popular and also one of the most affordable natural stone pavers that you will come across in the market. These are very durable and hard. Also, it comes in a lot of different colors and shades to choose from. Granite stone pavers can not only be used outdoors but due to their beauty and aesthetics, they can also be used indoors. Since it will last for a long time with the least maintenance, it is a worthy investment.

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