Different Types Of Driveway Gates For Your Residential Or Commercial Property

A driveway gate is the first thing that people notice when they drive up to your residence. A beautiful, welcoming and stylish driveway gate gives a great first impression. Driveway gates also symbolize wealth, power, and status and can be both intimidating or warming depending on your preferences.

The popularity of driveway gates has led to many different types of styles, designs, features, and functionalities available in the market. You can get driveway gates made from galvanized steel, wood, and other materials to help compliment your home’s architecture and style. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular types of driveway gates.


Different Types Of Driveway Gates

Electric Driveway Gates – These electric powered driveway gates make getting out of your vehicle to open and close a gate redundant. Powered by electricity from your home these driveway gates slide or swing open to allow you to pass.

  • Retractable Driveway Gates – These gates simply retract at a push of a button allowing vehicles and people to pass-through.
  • Galvanized Steel Driveway Gates – If you are seeking an affordable, durable, and secure driveway gate those made from galvanized steel with a powder coat finish can often be your best choice.
  • Single Swing Driveway Gates – Great for large driveway entrances a single swing driveway gate only opens on one side conserving power.

  • Motorized Driveway Gates – These gates come with pre-packaged electric motors that make opening and closing your doors automatically a breeze.
  • Solar Powered Driveway Gates – Powered by the sun these automated driveway gates are ones that are great for the environment and your pocket.
  • Wrought Iron Driveway Gates – These gates not only look amazing but are perhaps the most secure gates money can buy!
  • Security Gates for Driveways – These types of gates are taller and come with sharp pickets made to keep intruders out.

  • Aleko Driveway Gates – When it comes to driveway gates few manufacturers come close to the quality and service of Aleko gates.
  • Red Iron Driveway Gates – These wrought iron gates are perfect for homes near the coast to protect from rusting.
  • Small Driveway Gates – These gates are perfect pedestrian gates for backyards and gardens.
  • Dual Swing Driveway Gates – These gates open from the middle in a manner that makes you feel like you are royalty!
  • Picket Fence Driveway Gates – These driveway gates have a picket fence style to them but these pickets are fairly close to one another preventing wildlife from getting in or out.

  • Front Driveway Gates – When style and wow factor are the primary reasons for a driveway gate look no further than a luxurious front driveway gate to wow your neighbors!
  • Discount Driveway Gates – If affordability and practicality are what you are after you simply can’t go wrong with a discount driveway gate!
  • Black Driveway Gates – Black driveway gates made from galvanized steel and powder-coated black look good in any home and compliment any type of architecture.
  • Garden Driveway Gates – An elegant garden gate leading to your beautiful and well-kept garden helps protect your precious plants from rodents and unwarranted human traffic.
  • Curved Driveway Gates – If you want to stand out from the rest these round top gates can truly set you apart from the rest of your neighbors.


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