Differences Between Desktop Vaporizer And Portable Vaporizer?

Vaporization is widely recognized as the best alternative for the conventional smokers to quit their dangerous smoking habits that can potentially cause irreparable damages to the health of these smokers. Vaporizer comes in two major varieties, namely desktop and portable vaporizers, which can completely suit the different lifestyles of varied users and allows them to achieve their desired highs in both home and outside environment.

Apart from the basic difference that one being stationary and the other being portable, there are some important differences between these two vaporizers regarding their vaporization technologies, vapor quality, heating style, ease of use and cost. It is very important for you to have sufficient understanding of these two vaporization devices to facilitate you to choose the right product that suits your lifestyle, vaporization needs, and budget preferences.

Important Differences Between These Vaporizers

Heating Technology

Heating technology plays a vital role in the specific type of vaporizer offering you with smother tasting vapor and lasting experience. Desktop vaporizers come with the advantage of sophisticated heating technologies as they are connected with the secured power source that significantly helps in maximizing the vapor quality. On the other hand, portable vaporizers rely on battery power and will not offer you the advantage of having an advanced heating technology like desktop devices. Because of technology advantage offered by the halogen bulb heating elements, desktop vaporizers involve convection –style heating, which can heat your desired herb in a matter of seconds and offer you with better vapor quality. It is highly recommended that you buy a desktop vaporizer if you vaporize regularly and prefer vaporizing devices that offer you and quality vapor to achieve an enriching experience.

Chamber Size

Chamber size of the vaporizing device is another major difference between the two devices, with desktop coming with a much bigger chamber size than the portable ones. The smaller size of the chamber allows the portable devices to be carried everywhere but comes with disadvantages such as more frequent refills, types of herbs limitations and lesser quality vapors. With bigger chamber size, desktop models can significantly eliminate or minimize your hassles of frequent refills and offer you with superior vaping experience and the possibility of enjoying the vapors of a wide range of products as compared to portable models.

 Duration of Vaporizing Sessions

Vaping pattern is another major difference and includes whether you would like to indulge in a couple of quick hits or you would like to enjoy a slow and long vaping session. With the advantage of convection style heating technology, you can enjoy a long and enriching vaporization experience with desktop vaporizers, unlike the portable devices that use conduction style of heating. As a secure power source powers desktop vaporizers, it can you offer you and your friends with a long, big and tasty cloud of vapors.

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